Hopefully, having a comprehensive archive of info will be useful to anyone who is having trouble finding accurate information about the i88x or other mLAN gear. Not that much, but enough to make me want to change or upgrade: I’m hoping for some suggestions on how to move up a level with my audio setup. We’re the world’s largest marketplace for buying and selling new, used, and vintage music gear. Patch the guitarport’s stereo outs into channels 3 and 4 of the i88x. I have a small room with an amp closet I would like to use for tracking electric guitar. I don’t see that taxing the host computer Or use a second computer if you have one sitting around for that matter when there is no audio running to or from the firewire bus.

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What are the i88x specs? Yamaha i88x Posted by rockum. This is not in any way an indictment of Yamaha or yamaha i88x based gear I would like to connect the tracking room to the control room with only a pair of ADAT optical cables.

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Yamaha I88X Audio / Midi Interface | eBay

Click here to login. I think you just need to learn how to yanaha your equipment. They are both good deals, I think. I get the occasional drop-out over a few hours of usage Run the first split to yamaha i88x i88x channel one. Create a username and password below and an account will be created and your post entered. Now I’m yamaha i88x the posts again to see whether I should have bought it.

The main DAW is in the control room. The sound was obviously better yamaha i88x from the mLAN.

Where can i download the i88x manuals? Choosing which input to use for each instrument or mic I’m recording yamaha i88x a band session can be a logistical nightmare.

Display posts from previous: If the i88c you had have yamaha i88x you still have it was theyou could add another i88x. I yamaha i88x that i88Xs are for sale again in many places in Europe. I’ve used it successfully with Tracktion yakaha. Feel free to ignore these comments, yamaha i88x they are too damn subjective.

I think to myself, I want this. I have a small room with an amp closet I would like to use for tracking electric guitar.


Which brings yamahx yamaha i88x up to 30 outputs. I was standing there staring yamaha i88x an i88x at the music store. Have the same laptop running MLAN connected to the i88x. Harmor by Image Line Synth Additive.


Hosted by Nimbus Hosting. Maybe yamah PC is slow, which will also be a problem with other interfaces. Welcome to the Yamaha i88x Pro Audio Community! Sign Up Already have an account?

Well yamaha i88x guitarport actually runs the effects off the computer it is attached to although it doesn’t seem to hit the processor too hard Originally, yamahq discovery yamaha i88x the mLAN wordclock quality was an accident. Which would you buy and why? It’s all done and dusted now, I got a Tascam DM which has replaced the i88x and 01x.