I say usb 3. No real instructions in the packaging itself. It will finally come up with three selections. This can be found by right-clicking on the device in question. There is something that I can do moreover to waste it? You saved me a major head ache!!! If it only works for a little bit after you unplug and replug it back in.

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The dongle was never more than 6 feet from the controllers. Although his video demonstration discusses ps3 Udraw which uses an HID dongle.

But to answer your question. However, I think there was one person I heard from this experienced a similar issue.

Once you see the pop-up notification that the drivers have been installed, you can connect your wireless wirelsss. Can you see your receiver in device manager?

Took me a while to figure out original drivers would not work, you did the trick in 1 second. I think he resolved it by forcing received drivers in device manager because the OEM receiver can come from multiple sources. Hello, I have uploaded the entire contents of the china CD to my site.

Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows

Followed your steps to add the drivers to the unknown device and boom. They are not listed as true Microsoft Xbox controllers anymore.


x360 pc wireless gaming receiver Thank YOU for checking out this blog! Thank you very much! Also note that to preserve file space and for simplicity sake all versions have been compressed into a single solid 7-Zip file. Managed to setup mine: Searching automatically is a waste of time.

Xbox Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows

I cannot thank you enough. For example, on a wireless controller, one of the lights around the Guide button will remain lit. Version numbers no longer have the integrity they used to.

Found this on a comment on youtube. Thank you for checking out this blog and have fun gaming! As for exactly why Microsoft neglected x360 pc wireless gaming receiver put these tools into their OS could end up with a lot of different answers. But statement 2 will gamjng effect you because the Windows 10 driver will list the controllers as Generic HiD.

From where can I download the driver and software for PC Wireless – Microsoft Community

Why even install the files you provided for Windows 10? Even when playing a game. Glad this article helped in at least x360 pc wireless gaming receiver your xbox controller going though.: For example, redeiver the wireless controller, the connect button is on the back. Do you get lights when you press the sync button on the PC receiver? It just does nothing although the rest of the controller functions well.


This can occur for several reasons: I had been x360 pc wireless gaming receiver it for about 3 hours with no issue xbox controller was plugged into the computer and it connected immediately tot wirelesss device without me pressing the sync button on the controller or the rceeriver… and then it disconnected, and now I cannot reconnect no matter what I try!

Go recevier into your Device Manager section of Computer Management and you should see a catagory dealing with Xbox Controllers.

Windows 7 installation: Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver For Windows

Post on the Community Support Forums. Just a little confused as to what you would like me to add to the main post. Windows 10 gamlng default will have the newer driver v What else could I try?