In reply to kab’s post on March 1, I would highly recommended this site to other transcriptionist I will buy more. Tried Microsoft Fixit usb problems 5. Please keep us updated on the status of the issue. Please refer this article: I will order more next week of the usb foot pedals.

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A tech also suggested that another device was causing the conflict, conflicting with the foot pedal such as: Terrific price and brand new.

Ratandeep replied on March 11, It works well and connects with the computer easily. I can understand the inconvenience you are experiencing with the USB foot pedal and I really appreciate your efforts taken to resolve the issue. To function, all foot pedals require a controlling transcription software. Vec infinity foot pedal see the corresponding transcription kit for this pedal if you do not have software.

Works with most software, I’ve tried quite a few. I highly recommend backing up all of your important files and folders onto an external vec infinity foot pedal device before attempting any type of operating system repair or upgrade.

Martel electronics has the best selection for court recording equipment, so please visit their website and buy something, LOL. Is there some way to repair windows 7 files? It has been consistently flot and long-lasting despite years of my foot continually hammering back and forth on the different pedals.


I would suggest you to install Infinity VEC foot pedal vec infinity foot pedal in Windows Vista compatibility mode and check if it helps.

Infinity Foot Pedal by VEC

Please keep us updated on the status of the issue. I have also tried the clean boot. I have used this brand of foot pedal for 20 years and vec infinity foot pedal generally lasts longer than one would expect with such heavy use. Someone suggested a high-powered hub port.

VEC Infinity Digital Foot Control

I will order more next week of the usb foot pedals. This is the second vec infinity foot pedal I’ve ordered. The computer transcription foot pedals all need software to run. This item is in stock and you can select the shipping method of your choice.

Foot Pedals || VEC Electronics

Tried Microsoft Fixit usb problems 5. Sorry this didn’t help. I must save my work and then reboot to get the pedal to work again. You can use any word processing program you want.

I tried the troubleshoot for devices. I end up taking this with me all the time vec infinity foot pedal depos and leaving the other one in my office at home.

Can I Use the VEC Infinity Foot Pedal With the Olympus R Transcription Software?

In reply to kab’s post on March 1, Vec infinity foot pedal love the transcription industry, and we do our best to support our customers with ideas and suggestions for their businesses. I thought once I received the transcription software foot pedal usb2 by infinity I would need a driver for windows vec infinity foot pedal or windows We are more than a equipment supplier, we are a friend.


Checked foott power management of the hubs do not fokt off to save power 2.

So I bought 2 usb2 foot pedals one vec infinity foot pedal me and one for my friend. This was the second generation of the one I already had used for ten years before it started not worked properly so I was confident enough to stick with this brand.

In reply to kab’s post on April 1, Typically I’ll research the problem in the community and the issue will be resolved for vec infinity foot pedal short period, then problem come backs. Yes No Sorry this didn’t help.