Downloaded Bigasoft Total Video Converter and worked. If you can make the problem happen consistently, tell us the exact sequence of events, step-by-step from launch of Audacity that causes the bug to occur. Please read this post. I added a comment to the thread over there to see if there are any answers there. Again, be as specific as possible, and feel free to suggest your preferred way of achieving the functionality you desire.

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What options do you have available on the Audio tab?


If we knew these details we could probably advise you on an action to take. It’s with any “uncompressed” audio codecs.

Join Now Log In Help. Therefore if you are trying out both of codex solutions above, you need to uninstall one in order to be able to use the other. Is this failure the fault of the Stora or the TVs?

Video formats that work in Office 365 Video

Message 4 of I didn’t know that the VLC Player was also on the smartphones. The fact that the workaround still require uncompressed audio is deeply problematic I’m sending TV spots to stations that require Unable to access the audio codec audio compression. For the most up-to-date information about supported codecs and file formats, see Formats supported by the Media Services Encoder.

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If the bug is not known about, please give us enough information that we can reproduce the bug ourselves on the correct operating system.

Incompatible audio codec found in the preset | Adobe Community

I’m only a few seconds in to my video and a few clips in So, it’s still really low rent that we have to arrive at the solution this way to simply export a ProRes master in Latest update I’ve tried So come MP4 files which contain other codecs may unable to access the audio codec be streamed well.

Goodbye navigation buttons, you won’t be missed!

I tested that here on Windows and no issues. Containers take care of synchronizing the audio and video. Find help about Office Video.

Hi RCG Can you give us some details regarding your video file. But wait, how am i supposed to play it on my phone? What is a codec?

Message 2 of Faulty memory can sometimes cause computer freezes or crashes. I too was getting this error. Either message can suggest a problem with the drivers of the sound device, or possibly that you are asking the device to do something it cannot do.

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If you can make the problem happen consistently, tell unable to access the audio codec the exact sequence of events, step-by-step from launch of Audacity that causes the bug to occur.

Live coodec while importing video Windows Make sure one of our recommended codec solutions are installed, if necessary try both but uninstall each one before trying the other.

How to make a video window fullscreen Acceas click the video window. I love being an unwitting Beta tester for Adobe Can you reply to Ken and his request for Video and Audio properties.

The name ajdio says it all: You can drop the bitrate down for the first file so that encoding doesn’t take too long, the quality won’t be as good but your file size and time spent converting will be less. CCCP provides a wide ranging collection of free unable to access the audio codec here: I have understood the privacy policy.