I’ve never been so happy about a damn mouse. I am beside myself. I’m a little turned off by the hefty price tag, though. I’ll have to take time off to mourn and get ready for some RSI. I soon discovered that one side of the scroll wheel housing broke off! Thats telling me this must be a prototype done around

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Microsoft Trackball Explorer – The World’s Most Comfortable Trackball

Next replace the board you removed from the cup, again being careful to align the pins and holes one near the screw and the other in the slot in the bottom of the boardscrew in place and put the ribbon back exploree it was. Logitech and especially Kensington surprise me the most since they are in trackball explorer 1.0 market and trackball explorer 1.0 easily take the initiative to create the new top choice trackball.

If this happens, the ball will begin to actually touch the inside of the socket and experience a lot of friction. Anyone actually take advantage of the Trackball repair gentleman mentioned above? Well, not literally, but trackball explorer 1.0 get the idea.

I wish Microsoft could see how good a product they trackball explorer 1.0 and how very ergnomic and well designed it is. I was thinking, this guy is crazy. I kind of think our problems were that the ball had a tendency to rock up and down during use and the hammering effect over the years caused the flat spots.

My logitech cordless optical trackman is not nearly as good — it broke just trackball explorer 1.0 of the 3 month warranty and the wireless has always been poor. That middle button is kinda in a weird spot, too.


Carefully separate the bottom from the top. The Microsoft patent is on the configuration of the mouse, i. Thought of differently, if this was a patent infringement, why not use what some others are using? I suppose if anything happens to my TBE Heaven forbid!!! trackball explorer 1.0

Microsoft Trackball Explorer – The World’s Most Comfortable Trackball

I again waited for the glued pieces to cure and then came the assembly. Perhaps the left mouse button is a little gummy. I have also purchased a Logitech Trackbalp Mouse. Trackball explorer 1.0 hope further that it is even better than the TBE. Carefully drill tiny holes through the back of the red plastic cradle at the bearing recess, pop the bearings out with a needle and replace with similar. trackball explorer 1.0

Will Microsoft trackball explorer ins… – Apple Community

The only solution is to replace the balls. Last one that got here I paid My spouse doesn’t really understand my loss issues, as during our last move the ball is missing Better yet, they provide a written 1. day warranty on the 11.0. I got it today in trackball explorer 1.0. After carefully extricating everything, I found my problem: The only thing I can’t currently do is replace the bearings, but I could certainly try to figure out what was going on with the scroll wheel and the right mouse.

For more info trackball explorer 1.0 ErgoRest and other ergonomy products recommendations visit my ergonomics page.


Sometimes something gets stuck on the ball, but when one removes the ball and blows at the lens, the problem tends to go away trackball explorer 1.0 ezplorer wiping the ball.

Not yet, at least. They discontinued it in Also note the date trackball explorer 1.0 filing and compare this to discontinuance of TBE availability. The number of posts on this thread have to be an indication of the fact that there are quite a lot of people who would buy and use TBE as only a small percentage of the TBE users seek info out on the web, find this thread, and decide to post here.

I am hoping now to take it apart and fix it. Seriously, screw the Wii-mote, master the tech they used for the Dual-Strike and add force feedback and you have a killer controller to meet the needs of a FPS console gamer. Thanks again for the pictures of what you did to fix yours.

Why do you TBE lovers get all trackball explorer 1.0 damn luck? I really liked this unit EXCEPT for the constant cleaning required of the rubber rollers that trackball explorer 1.0 the trackball, trackball than the optical readers.