Various options are available in the Tecra RE for connecting to the Internet or corporate network. The Toshiba Tecra RE is inconspicuous here. They however only have a limited functionality and annoy the user with advertisement popups. It has a great keyboard, plenty of grunt, and it’s small and light enough to comfortably carry around. This is supposed to prevent a possible headcrash and data loss.

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Both of those speeds are just below the respective category averages of The processor’s incorporated HD Graphics is used for graphics.

A complete battery charge was used up in only short 89 minutes in this test toshiba tecra r840. Specifications 14 in 1,x display, 2. Print is only found in the way of a few brochures and notes.

Toshiba Tecra R review: Toshiba Tecra R – CNET

Both felt slightly stiff, but with firm feedback when registering clicks. The stability over the entire notebook is ensured despite its small dimensions of The inch Toshiba tecra r840 Tecra RE is a good option if you need a laptop for work purposes.

Its matte, plastic surface is smooth, and pinch-to-zoom and two-finger scroll gestures worked well. We comprehensively checked how toshiba tecra r840 laptop fares in the test.


Quality journalism is paid by advertising. The Dell Latitude E 2. Read more about Security.

While the two speakers produced plenty of volume when streaming a track from The Strokes on Slacker, the audio was tinny and flat. It is a pointing device as found in many business toshiba tecra r840.

Review Toshiba Tecra R840-11E Notebook

Toshiba Tecra R review Toshiba has launched something of an oddity into the laptop market with its new Yoshiba RF r80 a thin and light laptop toshiba tecra r840 a larger-than-usual 14in screen. This graphics solution is more than toshiba tecra r840 sized for the 14 inch display and office tasks.

External monitors can be controlled via VGA and display port. It is points in multi core rendering 64 bit. You don’t get the three- or four-finger gestures that Synaptics touchpads provide.

The similarly equipped Probook b achieves a considerably higher score of points. The display lid can easily be opened single-handedly and is very stable. Warranty The warranty period is 24 monthsincluding toshiba tecra r840 international bring-in manufacturer warranty for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

On PCMark Vantage, the R scored 7, which is well above the average for thin-and-light laptops 4, We find the low operating noise very pleasant about the Toshiba Tecra RE. Toshiba’s Tecra RE is otherwise a quiet laptop, even during moderate office load, with an average of 33 dB A.


The results were astounding: Toshiba Tecra RE Source: For more nuanced navigation, the R comes with a pointing stick between the G tooshiba H keys. Not any of that toshiba tecra r840 stuff toshiba tecra r840 you, but hearty, home cooked, good quality steak and mash.

Toshiba’s Tecra RE is a quiet companion.

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Toshiba wants to address demanding business customers who want a slim and robust laptop with the Tecra RE. Toshiba Tecra R Source: Neither the display bezel nor the wrist-rest toshhiba the keyboard yielded under pressure.

The 3DMark11 benchmark couldn’t be executed due to DirectX 11 incompatibility. It has a slim and smart-looking design, a bright display, and good performance for the price. Toshiba tecra r840 Various options are toshiba tecra r840 in the Tecra RE for connecting to the Internet or corporate network.