The Toshiba Satellite LP’s workmanship is partly unsatisfactory. The Toshiba L lasted for a maximum of over 7 hours in the most favorable conditions minimum display brightness, WLAN off, energy saving profile in the BatteryEater Reader’s test. Separate number pad Speakers The touchpad can be disabled. But any asking price of — get it for less. It may look good on a display shelf but fails the real world practicality test; cleaning it is a full-time job. Not to say this isn’t — perfectly functional laptop it is.

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Of course, Maxdome wants to get the notebook buyers to opt for a monthly subscription with that.

The processor is a second generation Intel Core i5. The battery was drained after 72 minutes in load Classic test and the notebook turned itself off.

Thus, the color brightness of a glossy display is naturally a lot superior toshiba satellite l755 video a matt display. CPU Performance The benchmark results are on the expected level and don’t show any outliers.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon inside provides a long battery life, but a underwhelming performance. For example, there is access to the online video store, Maxdomeinstalled on our test laptop. HP’s EliteBooks get more portable and powerful than ever.

Toshiba Satellite L just another boring laptop – Video – CNET

There’s a distinct lack of advanced ports no USB 3. New low-cost laptops don’t skimp on features or design.


Basic Home Essentials Source: Keyboard The Toshiba Satellite LP’s keyboard is standard and doesn’t bid any noteworthy highlights.

It only ran faster in games and was slightly annoying. However, the laptop vibrated in time with the bass while playing loud music.

Three ports are quickly occupied nowadays. The bottom’s average temperature is toshiba satellite l755 video about 27 degrees Celsius in idle mode. Toshiba homepage Toshiba notebook section. We also liked the touchpad, which at first glance appears to be rather cramped but makes up for it with its sensitivity. Unfortunately, the rest of the design is not as solid–the notebook looks and feels cheap, the Function key, at least on toshiba satellite l755 video test unit, wouldn’t work, and the trackpad is extremely small.

The used lithium ion battery was fully charged after a loading period of minutes.

It is slightly faster and comes with a larger hard drive but they aren’t huge satellite. HP Envy X2 has a fresh look but not enough power.

Review Toshiba Satellite L755-14P Notebook

We measured an average temperature of 26 degrees on the top. The LS is a worthy choice for those who only need to perform the most basic tasks.

Basically, the Toshiba L can vodeo with attractive battery runtimes. The Toshiba Satellite LP’s keyboard is standard and doesn’t bid any noteworthy highlights. We — a core I five laptops for as low as dollars depending on where — shot. However, the device’s strengths are found in office, Internet and home toshiba satellite l755 video. The Spin 13 takes Chrome OS to premium places.

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But even not quite as graphics-heavy toshiba satellite l755 video are playable in an apt resolution and adjusted details. That are going to be offering slightly better processing speeds but more importantly better integrated Intel graphics.

Comparison, online available, Short, Date: Overall, the Toshiba L never reached an unpleasant level and can thus also be used on the lap without hesitation. There’s a distinct lack of advanced ports no USB 3.

Toshiba Satellite L755-S5258

The recommended retail price is about euros for the Satellite LP. However, odds are that better, newer versions are right around the corner. The Toshiba Satellite LS is neither the best value nor the best total package, but it’s a fine middle-of-the-road laptop.