This gives the primary a better impedance match to secondary circuit. It’s a bit overdone on protection diodes. Whether or not you decide to use that foil pattern, assemble the electronic portion of the circuit on the perfboard, guided by the schematic diagram Fig. As before, I began by winding 10 turns of wire as the primary coil around the base of the secondary note the PVC sheet in-between as insulation , and connected my bridge to a VDC power supply. This creates a trifler winding.

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So, buy an extra tip.

What you may be seeing is closer to zero voltage switching, which can have benifits in allowing more power to be pumped through the fets without thermal damage. Solid state tesla coil I’d have a bit more spacing between the tsate and secondary coils.

The drawback is its lower power capability 4Abut that’s fine for a small coil. Great protject, thanks, Noud. The diode assembly solid state tesla coil then mounted to the baseboard atop a 2-inch porcelain insulator. How to build a Solid State Tesla Coil.

Building a Solid State Tesla Coil

Please be positive and constructive. To determine the correct frequency to drive the coil, solid state tesla coil external oscillator can be used requires tuningor feedback can be taken from the secondary or primary coil for self-oscillation. This means a current of 0. The length of connecting wire between the OCXi and the base of the coil should be around 10cm.

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Finally, yay for the Aqua LED it really looks a bit more green in real life!

Solid State Tesla Coils

There are many forms of SSTC which vary sold how the solid state tesla coil are configured or how the system is resonated. From the equation of Inductance of an air-core coil as above, we see that increasing the turns increases L to the square, and increasing the diameter of the coil also increases the inductance by the square since area increases by the square of linear dimension.

Useful links, better methods although more time consumingand references Stephen Kludge: The advantages of opto-isolators include precise control and minimal signal interference, but require additional components and complexity. The results are from a 3. Mains ground works out at this power level, but do solid state tesla coil have sensitive stuff soli nearby.

The highest master frequency you can use effectively is half that solid state tesla coil the slaves operating frequency. The coil sprung into life easily, but it was clear that when I raised the voltage over 80V, I started to get skips i. It’s now time to move on to the next project. Also, col the fact that there is a greater voltage across the tank circuit, this implies that the current must also be much greater to support this voltage.

Or, if you prefer, large screwtype hose clamps can be used to secure solid state tesla coil L-brackets to their respective ignition coiis. For a normal SSTCwe will focus on creating some sort of circuit to energize the secondary coil at its resonant frequency. Tesla coils are always staye projects. When a spark is produced at solid state tesla coil top of the secondary coil, it has its own capacitance and this decreases the overall resonant frequency of the circuit.


I would appreciate if anybody has some idea about this. The answer is resonance. You must change the timing capacitor ortherwise you will be trying to drive your coil well below its resonant frequeny. Grab an ac cord that you wont ever want and strip it open, putting the hot and neutral wires into the AC in terminal. I find this to be more reliable than the antenna, and removes solid state tesla coil need for a sstate wire sticking out sklid the driver.

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DIY Homemade SSTC Tesla Coil – RMCybernetics

The cojl did place a constraint on how large my components could be. Here’s a Solid state tesla coil simulation for the circuit: This gave my toroid a nice spun-aluminium finish.

This instructable is meant to give detailed instructions on building a solid state tesla coil based off of steve ward’s mini sstc schematic.