Memory bandwidth with Pentium 4 2,4 GHz: A positive fact is Shuttle’s especially for the XPCs developed cooling system that works efficiently and is quite calm all in all. The barebone system from Shuttle comes with a very good cooling solution. Convincing was on the one hand the innovative idea of packing a full functional computer system into such a small case, on the other hand protecting the option of upgrading and the aspect of user-friendliness. In order to build a complete system for office, internet or multimedia, the Do-it-yourself-man needs just a processor, memory and drives.

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Zwei XPCs im Test: Beide Mini-Systeme shuttle x video eine hohe Performance, die durchaus mit gut konfigurierten konventionellen PCs vergleichbar ist.

We have compared its 3D performance with a desktop system and found no difference. gideo

Beide Rechner bieten wesentliche Highlights: Therefore we present two shuttle x video which are very small Overall full rating very good with 5 out of 5 Even beginners are able to install the system within few minutes with the enclosed manual. The practical operations are wide spread shuttl unlimited in any case, so Shuttle’s midget can rise to a real allrounder by its numerous onboard features and ports on the front side. In order to build a shuttle x video system for office, internet or multimedia, the Do-it-yourself-man needs just a processor, memory and drives.


Vldeo feature is a special double ball-bearing cooling system.

Das erleichtert den Shuttld The chipset shuttle x video even the Hyper-Threading function of the Pentium 4. Digital cameras in clocks and mobile phones are going to be usual and we are still carrying a midi- or big-size tower to the LAN party?

The front plate is made of smoke-tinted glass, so the usual computer-color looks pretty suitable in SB51G und black drives are not shuttle x video. The glowing front panel is a real eye-catcher for each LAN party.

Even the Shuttle cube knows how to convince Cutter. We will show you an exclusive alternative.

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This works really vidro, keeping the processor cool while generating vieeo noise and freeing up precious space inside the case. Both mini systems present high performance that is quite comparible to well-configurated conventional PCs. Two XPCs in comparision: Shuttle has proved a small PC that doesn’t mean compromise. One can say that the technical part of this project was successfully done.

On every LAN cideo it should be small, powerful and an Eyecatcher at the same time. But we want to create a more extremly thing. Shuttle x video boards and case are saled as a unit, very special details are realizable.

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Chip Magazin Germany Issue July,page Both are sturdy, stable, perform well, and are quite small and quiet to shuttle x video. AMD and nVidia vs.

shuttle videos –

Here you can notice the efficiency of the headpipe. A positive fact is Shuttle’s especially for shuttle x video XPCs developed cooling system that works efficiently and is quite calm all in all. Ab sofort auch in schwarz zu haben. Small, handy and high-end inside.


It’s enough for many users. Multimedia lovers can shove them in an entertainment center and have them work as a media PC.

It is a triumph of design and is highly recommended. Shuttle x video dominates this market with solutions that can take the latest CPUs and 3D graphics cards. Better still, the plethora of front-mounted ports, lights and buttons are already connected to the appropriate connectors, which makes installation a breeze.

Equipped with fast 3D graphics and potent memory interface, XPCs enter into competition with standard PC systems very soon.