But it wont disable the other animations I was talking about which are not in your ROM currently. I disabled it with adding a line in the build. Take into consideration that is not recommended to install the driver on Operating Systems other than stated ones. Remove some apk, add some, replace hosts file, edit build. Note that lewd or meaningless nicknames are prohibited no numbers or letters at random and please introduce yourself in the section for you to meet our community. To get there with your box do the following:

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Will you convert it now to ext4 or is it not rkk2918 You need to do the same now with the rk2918 usb tool, set the compatibility to windows 7 and run as admin. Here rk2918 usb the new ROM: Most mobile phones come with an installation CD with software applications, including the USB driver that you need.

Rk2918 usb flash mode If that doesn’t work rk2918 usb all the steps again a few times. I will disable the other ugly one in the ext4 image build.

Updated uzb February 21, It is working quite well but a full root would be nice. Should be about 30 minutes. There is still the useless stock launcher which i have to remove manually and a useless game for example.


However now that system in ext3, you easily can mount it in linux and make these changes. Sofir said Just a heads up i have managed to rk2918 usb the rom via the flash tool on a windows 10 64bit machine. rk2918 usb

How to install Rockchip usb drivers on win 7 for Momo11 and maybe other tablets

Here are some hints: Thus a boot screen or boot animation other than whats is in the kernel, the image size would be larger than the ROM can support! Here, on fk2918 page we have managed to share all the latest version of Rockchip Driver Assistant. As for bloat apps, yes I can remove those if you tell me the APK name. Because the display size is changeable from crt tv to full hd it is maybe not an image rk2918 usb but some kind rk2918 usb vector thing done by rk2918 usb.

Then on top of that you can have another boot animtion of your own. I will try this method rk2918 usb.

Set device into flash mode – RK

When the software is outdated, it can cause problems when trying to get your device recognized by the computer. Lets take this a rk2918 usb steps at a time. There is still a rk2918 usb animation showing a simple rm2918 blue and white “g-box” logo.


It’s not really a tablet but after talking to Bob I’ll post an thread here. I am on pins and needles here Bob. It is a small rk2918 usb that allows you to install the correct Rockchip Rj2918 on your Windows Computer.

Market and rk2918 usb root access are working too!

Download Rockchip Driver Assistant (all versions)

These are the steps i took. Hope that helps people. It doesnt support computers other than Windows including Mac and Linux.

The kr2918 is not compatible even rk2918 usb your box looks nearly similar.

Drivers Update tool checks your computer rk2918 usb old drivers and update it. I’m now in flash mode and waiting for Bobs instructions. So, full credits goes to them for sharing the rk2918 usb for free. Thanks for your explanation, now I know what you mean. If you want me to replace the host file and build. I reboots normal after i flashed it.