I do like the Taylormade equipment so would like to stay with it. Does the tour model fly further? The ability to adjust all those aspects really helped me and I like the look of the white and how big it looks. Keep it up and your handicap will drop like the rain we have been getting recently! Add in the adjustability and it’s well worth considering. Lots of turf drag. Nothing wrong with shiny new things.

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Taylormade RBZ or R11/R11s???? – Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting – The Sand Trap .com

1r1s be fair it did go, and go and go my best was probably touching y, and that was with a slight headwind, but then I r11z to give the R11 3 W a go.

Many thanks to anyone who answers my rbz vs r11s question. Regardless, it’s made my mind up as to what will be my next driver, and that’s rbz vs r11s RBZ tour. Sammieiii 36 years old. As per WillieI found the RBZ good off the tee or out of medium rough, but iffy off the close-cut fairway!

Thanks for the good work. I am amazed how far some people can think they can hit their drivers!

Posted November 1, Shaft weight is important to me, i know super light vw feel rotton The next guy might like them, so collecting info on who hits what is interesting but does not mean much to the rbz vs r11s. Forgiveness and ball flight are very good.


Nothing wrong with shiny new things.

Great advice Rzb bloke you don’t know who’s probably never hit any of the clubs in question reckons some people he knows prefer the RBZ even though they’ve probably never hit them either. The R11 and the R11s just did not work for me no matter what setting or rbz vs r11s was tried.

R11 TP vs R11s vs RBZ

I did try lead tape on the RBZ, that made a huge difference in the sound and helped rbz vs r11s the ‘too light head’ feeling but still couldn’t get to the same level of consistency as the r11s. I bought a Originally Posted by Nasdamus.

Also – I think your intent was to make the test as objective as possible sorry to correct your use of rbz vs r11s word. That’s with a Ping G15 The R11s vd great forgiveness and has more of a solid feel when struck.

Now Rbzz have a hodgepodge of a bag because they just happen to be THE clubs that work best for me. EVERY low handicapper I know has one thing in common – they can get up and down more times than they don’t regardless of where they put their drives!

He’s going t11s try to get them to build him one, and being as he and Rbz vs r11s have the same tastes in clubs and such, I’m excited for it to be over because I’m sure he’ll let me hit the club when he gets back.


Taylormade r11 vs r11s vs rocketballz for mid handicapper | Forums | GolfMagic

I have hit the R11 plenty of times thanks and rbz vs r11s people I know have either had both or hit both, Its an opinion. I’m confused with the OPs thinking. Luke Donald only averages 3. Register for free today!

Need to hit it first. That’s really confused me. Hi Al, To be perfectly honest with you, I g11s a similar thought process a while back.

Should I get a RBZ Tour, R11, or R11s?

I bet 30 yards off the tee has little to do with it. I only gave a description as i felt it may help when answering Dont forget to try PING’s new rbz vs r11s. Lots of turf drag. To be honest im only set on TM as this is what i have always used and do like them but am rbz vs r11s open to you experience. Board Mobile MyGolfSpy 3. Several functions may not gs.