Sound Tip 2 Also make sure the volume knob is turned up. Close this window and click on your ActivManager icon in the system tray. It is important to back up all your files and documents on a regular basis. How do I make sure I have the latest version of the software? Hover the ActivPen over the Calibration light in the top-left corner of the ActivBoard for a few seconds. Your Promethean Board does not need to be cleaned weekly. Read our cookie policy.

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But when it does get smudges on it, wipe it down with a damp cloth.

My pens are not responding on the board. If it does not, try calibrating the board again. Check the Device Manager again to see if the computer is detecting the ActivBoard. The Prometheean amplifier is switched on and powered, indicated by a green light behind the button on the left side of the ActivBoard The volume is turned up on the amplifier The volume is turned up on the wallbox if applicable Your computer is not set to mute You have tried a known working laptop or computer from another classroom.

The software will tell you if promethean usb audio is an update available. The ActivBoard needs to be calibrated in order to ensure that the tip of the ActivPen aligns with the cursor on the screen. For this reason, we process data we collect in accordance with Promethean usb audio General Data Protection Regulation promethean usb audio other applicable data protection laws.


If not go promethean usb audio Tip 2. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy. Prometjean the power supply and USB cable. Make sure necessary cables are properly plugged in, and adjust audio settings: If the issue persists please contact Promethean Technical Customer Support. Also make sure the volume knob is turned up. If you have an older version of ActivDriver, please update it promethean usb audio downloading and installing the latest version.

If you have a Promethean ActivBoard System, power off your projector with the remote control and wait for the fans to stop before unplugging the power supply from the wall.

In most cases this will solve your problem. Please consult article for more information. Click to Submit a Work Request.

Drag and Drop files into the promehean. Make sure your sound output it set to the Promethean Board Sound Tip 3. Once installed, you will see the ActivManager icon appear in your toolbar or system tray, depending on your operating system. Unless the USB ports aren’t being enumerated properly when the PC boots, promethean usb audio should force the board to be the sound ouput as it’s the only one available. If your Promethean Board is connected to the computer the icon will look like this: Promethean cannot support promethean usb audio party cabling, including USB extension cables or adaptors.

If there is an update, click OK to update your software. If you use this method once the calibration program starts, move to the board and follow those instructions.


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If you see a red X in the bottom corner of your screen move to the next tip below. If the ActivPen is not interactive, try another promethean usb audio ActivPen.

The update will be downloaded to the download folder. To erase a dry eraser smudge, try marking over it with a dry erase marker.

If you computer goes to sleep there will be promethean usb audio image on the board.

Promethean Products – Troubleshooting and Support – ITSS Knowledge Base

Is the projector under promethean usb audio near an AC or Heating vent? Disconnect any adaptors or extension cables from the ActivBoard and computer prometthean connect only the cabling that came with your ActivBoard.

At least once a week, or more if you are working on a document that uwb would promethean usb audio want to lose. TIP 3 If promethean usb audio see the red X in the bottom corner of your computer screen or on the board then the connection between the computer and the board is not working Try unplugging the USB cable from the side of the board as describe in Tip 1 If the computer starts installing drivers then the connection has been re-established.