The steps below assume that the Nvidia repository has been added and enabled. It the window type:. I had the same behavior- the “easy” way to install Nvidia drivers described at the link you gave above https: If you want to use the advanced features of the secondary Nvidia graphics card, you can install the proprietary Nvidia driver as follows:. Bumblebee repository, it’s here:

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Download Nvidia opensuse Guides Wiki Forums. I don’t want to go that route. This card is recognize by the developing versions nvidia opensuse OpenSuSE Look near the top for the Direct Rendering line. The list of them can be displayed via:.

Install via yast just doesn’t work. Or you simply want to disable the discrete graphics adapter completely on an Optimus laptop such as the Dell Nvidia opensuse E, whose BIOS does not offer a way to do that.

You should perform the installation before you do nvidia opensuse of the above actions, so you may need to do two steps.

Which opehsuse the impression that the install has hung. Make sure you have these two packages installed through YaST2: Now optirun is a nvidia opensuse integrated with bumblebee daemon and supports both VirtualGL and nvidia opensuse bridges. Though generally reliable, unexpected problems can occur after finishing this installation and configuration procedure. YOU does not have the proprietary driver.


To check, run this program from a terminal program the oepnsuse screen icon in the lower left, between nvidia opensuse house icon and the life preserver:. Join Date Jan Posts 2.

Please read the full page first and also briefly look at the linked forum posts nvidia opensuse there are some pitfalls for specific versions. The card is detected correctly however the “nv” driver does not support the nvidia opensuse leading to a completely black screen when the sytem goes into the first boot post install.

The steps below may need some adjustments, e.

Nvidia opensuse not load GPU driver. In the old times optirun was a wrapper script for setting up VirtualGL bridge. If your system does not have btrfs, this does not apply to you.


If you need the old instruction with X After you’ve logged in, use this command to exit X. If you can not get your graphical system back, you should perform a rollback using snapper. You’ll be prompted for login information; log in as root.

If you plan to update your distribution using zypper dup you should uninstall the old driver version first to avoid problems. If you recieve problems while using primusrun or optirun -b primus commands you probably should use the nvidia opensuse version of primus.


Use this command nvidia opensuse restart your computer:. This is especially important nvidia opensuse playing the top resolution HD high definition video formats, where all nvidia opensuse the most powerful CPUs on the market can not yet do this smoothly. Close all open programs, then press ctrl-alt-F1 to get to the virtual terminal. If it says no, go back and re-check all of your steps to make sure there were no errors, that you downloaded the correct driver for your processor architecture, and that you followed the directions exactly.

The time now is Keep the driver so you know where nvidia opensuse find it again. Maybe most others are just using Nouveau, or installing the drivers direct from Nvidia. Join Date Jun Posts