And there are No warnings beebs during start up. Slot machine player will have no limit on the time or how many times you want to play. No change same behavior. Think I need to find another CD-rom. Please enter a valid email. This will reset the BIOS to factory default settings and remove the password. Same behaviour , all freezed at the 8Xtreme series start up info screen.

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Any clues from any one what I can do to trouble shout this problem?

If you enter the correct password, you will then enter the main BIOS screen. Prizes will be mailed within two weeks after the winners list is disclosed on MSI? Pressing Del to enter the bios setup gives no responce. Any further news or modification will be mdi on website only. msi 8xtreme series

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Refer to your MSI motherboard manual for specific setting descriptions and instructions. As long as you can spin three msi 8xtreme series 8Xtreme featured product graphic on the same line, you will get chance to win yourself big new year prize.


Matrox MPT power supply http: Might it msi 8xtreme series some problem towards the processor I bought to be compatible with this board? KT4 Ultra one person 3rd Prize: This online activity opens on January 10th, and closes on Febuary 10th. 8xtrmee odd thing that i think solved the problem.

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Please login or register. Share Share on Facebook. If you are having boot problems with your computer, the BIOS settings are the first thing you should msi 8xtreme series. Find the jumper on your MSI motherboard. Keep your family productive, connected, entertained, and safe.

This will then show the post information which will hopefully show you where the boot process is hanging. Think I msi 8xtreme series to find another CD-rom. Does any one know where to get or buy some good analyse SW-tools to trouble shout this type or similar type of problems?

I’m mis in something that might be an intenal error. The BIOS is where the hardware settings for your computer are stored.

MSI™ Online Slot Machine Game Spin to Win MSI™ 8Xtreme Prizes | MSI Global

Thanx for your promt answer danny sorry to say but I can’t get any responce from Esc or F11 or Tab. Can you give us a more complete description of your hardware?


Wed, 01 Msi 8xtreme series So, don’t be hesitate anymore, take action and challenge our seeies machine right away.

Wait for 15 msi 8xtreme series 20 seconds and then place the jumper back on pins 1 and 2. Locate jumper “JBAT1” on the diagram. Wanna give it a shot to test your new year good luck??

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I tried to use a boot up CD. Then, press the “Delete” key. Your computer will then restart. Please enter a valid email. Taiwan Time Player passing the game must fill up his msi 8xtreme series contact information. I have double checked all the istallations.

This will reset the BIOS to factory default settings and remove the password.