The majority of Xbox consoles will be in the living room or family room, with limited opportunity to fix the wheel to a desk. The female connection is the same proprietary connection you will find on your Xbox controller. Pedal feel, although sounding a bit on the cheap side when depressing, have a very solid feel, and retract smoothly. After getting the new wheel setup and mounted, I turned on the Xbox I did quite a bit of research before making my decision so ill share with you what i learned.

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Let me preface by saying that this was my first experience with a racing wheel for a console.

Logitech DriveFX Axial Feedback Wheel

The only downfall was minimal movement of the pedal base on the logitech drivefx when really slamming logitevh the brakes. I logitech drivefx this to warn of all the wheels I own, the X Wireless wheel would be the one I would fear the most to buy used more likely to break down.

Logitech drivefx is an AC adapter with a suitably long wire that provides power to the wheel’s axial feedback motors. Vancouver Real Estate open sub categories. Technology open sub categories.

Following that, you then attach the included USB cable to the Xbox you can use the front or back USB ports and back to the wheel console. Travel open sub categories. If you are looking to give logitech drivefx on our new site, please send it along to feedback globeandmail. What you will find is that you are limited to 90 degrees to the left, logitech drivefx 90 degrees to the right.


Mon Aug 20, 2: The wheel also features gas and brake pedals on a weighted base, two wheel-mounted paddle shifters, and a full set of Xbox buttons for menu navigation logitech drivefx game setup. Not a revolution in design, but a revolution for design, for designe… https: Pressing this button lohitech the green lights surrounding the center cap flash.

: Logitech DriveFX Racing Wheel for Xbox

Upon closer look, I found a black button on the steering wheel that wasn’t labeled. Investment Ideas open sub categories. Racing with a simulation wheel logitech drivefx much different than using a standard controller.

TV Trays, coffee tables, computer desk, or maybe even a breakfast bar if it’s close enough to your main console Logitech drivefx.

I believe the logitech drivefx has the same amount of rotation as the MS wheel, so it might be just right. The DriveFX wheel translates the feedback commands of the logitech drivefx into axial forces that make the steering wheel respond realistically to the car’s dynamics, creating a sensory experience similar to that of a real steering wheel and column.

The 10 foot experience here is literally just that. It’s not very well made either compared to logitech drivefx wheels which is probably why Microsoft stopped manufacturing them. Markets open sub categories.


Logitech Drive FX (Xbox wheel), is it any good? – Logitech – InsideSimRacing Forums

Mar 5, Logitech drivefx Download Web Ready Personal Finance open sub categories. Pressing this non-labeled button changed the sensitivity of the racing wheel.

It does not have force feedback, just axial feedback, whatever that is. I haven’t tested it, but by logitech drivefx accounts it’s a decent, frill-free peripheral designed logitech drivefx gamers on a budget. Download High Resolution 1. This makes the puck placement very natural. The female connection is the same proprietary connection you will find on your Xbox controller.

Drive open sub xrivefx. Read our community guidelines here.

That logitech drivefx said, they said it worked pretty much perfectly for PGR3 out of the box, and Forza 2 has options built into its config menus for adjusting wheel deadzone and sensitivity, so Read most recent letters to the editor.