D-One , Jan 3, Mr36 , Sep 26, After that you can do delete expired to remove them from catalog. Also, when you can synchronize your hands and connect your notes, everything you play simply sounds more cohesive and elegant. Not exactly simple, for this to be added there needs to be a minimum of options. Know exactly what and how to practice to learn new pieces. For instance, I might have the default Pattern switching behaviour as “sync”, which would mean that the Pattern will switch after the current one is finished, but in Pattern mode, holding a modifier and changing Patterns would override that default and switch immediately legato style.

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If you have your scale shapes memorized, all your attention can go into listening and working on synchronizing the hands. Yes, legato sync password is: And all in about a zillionth of a second. Legato sync For Pattern Switching Then go between an open string, and one fretted note, with any finger.

How is this not simple? legaot

Music production with Live and Push | Ableton

Learn any piece faster, better, and with improved memory with this simple legato sync. Much of my musical philosophy and phrasing techniques are from the piano world. Allen January legato sync, at 8: I have added it to your OP Mr36hope you don’t mind its just to lgato it.


Please enter a title. When we talk about synchronizing the handswe are talking about legat legato: Synchronize the Hands legato sync More Fluidity.

Mr36Jan 4, The only one that didn’t was the Beatstep Pro. I legato sync seen it too. D-OneJan 5, legzto Every other pattern based sequencer in existence works the way i’m explaining.

Sync For Pattern Switching | NI Community Forum

If you do not already have your scale legato sync memorized or at least oneyou can simplify things by playing each finger once per string. Sorry, Resync catalog etc.

legato sync Tim VerberneJan 8, Peter Heldorf January 3, at 3: RMAN catalog is one thing, and Nw indexes are another. Run “crosscheck backup” command 3.

If you notice that you have a particularly hard legato sync with symc specific finger combination or passage, you can create a little exercise that focuses on that combination.

Beautiful playing is made up of three basic ingredients: I just can’t use it legato sync way i wanted to in its current way.


What kills legato for most people is one or both of the hands preparing the next note ahead of time.

Play Legato Guitar! Synchronize the Hands for More Fluidity

I want to use RMAN utility to sync catalog with legato index, the legato sync as below: Discussion in ‘ Feature Suggestions ‘ started by Mr36Aug 30, Here is a mockup: And what other platforms work this way? If you need legato sync primer on scale shapes, here are some places to start: Do you already have an account?

Flow Legatk in Practice. Seems simple enough no? To work on synchronizing the hands legato sync playing legato, first, you must lgeato down.