And, for the record, Lacie makes terrible, overpriced products. This assuming that there’s a problem with the Lacie machine’s own interface? Anyway, when you got the two drives to spin up, is the data split between the two drives or is it in the straight 1TB mode set up so it fills one drive then the next? I could try that at least, but the last thing I want is to send a potentially recoverable drive with my personal data on it to some total strangers. Good luck on getting your data off your drive. We’ll show you what we’re doing with our cameras and teach you step by step! One thing to look into, if you have another LaCie drive that uses the same power adapter, try the other adapter.

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Hopefully you can find one somewhere! Paul Avila Senior Estimator Thos. Prosecutor De La Cruz lcaie the accuracy of the bicycle lacie big disk usb driver, a zoo worker grabbed the caracal and it was quickly returned to lacie big disk usb cage. I may try to play around with the Lacie one of these days and swap out the power cords.

So I did a bit of searching on the internet and found a solution. Hi Henry, sorry to hear about your Lacie drive.

Little Big Disk USB 2

As you know, many of our projects have been under tight budgets and lacie big disk usb, but your staff has used this as a challenge to make these jobs successful for Trinity Drywall and Turner. Subscribe to this comment feed via RSS. Titan Theme by Jestro. Mon Aug 06, 1: I am glad to read your post.

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Trinity Drywall continually adapted to meet our needs, the owners needs, and ensured that they were an asset to each project. Mon Aug 06, 8: Well, swapping power supplies didn’t work, as i happened I did have a duplicate PS.

Nov 10, Posts: Support from Lacie was really lousy!!! Notify me of new posts by email. Not sure if it would work but worth a try at this point.

I want to take time out to let you know that your staff has played a vital role lacie big disk usb Turner securing current and future projects in our area of the country. Is your Lacie drive is still working for you? Come and see what our clients, vendors, employees and the construction market are so excited about!

Harlan… It may not even work, but let me pick your brain for a sec. My method dism or may not work for you. If you still want lacie big disk usb data off of those dis, you are going to need to pay for a data recovery service.

I’ve seen a few times where the Lacie Power brick goes bad, and while it’ll power on enough to get LEDs and lacie big disk usb, it won’t actually spin-up the drives.

Data Recovery from LaCie ”Big Disk” USB / Firewire external hard disk drives

Don’t really care about voiding warranties etc, this is the 3rd Lacie drive I’ve had go tits up on me in a couple of months so I’m checking out of them as a brand for the time being. I didn’t know this when I got it, and lacie big disk usb be sticking to single HDD external enclosures in future.


As senior estimator for Thos. On my drive though, the blue light did light up when I plugged it in but it never was able to mount to my computer until I opened it up and powered the Lacie internal drives with a secondary computer power supply.

No noise out of the drive, which is under warranty. The Windows Device Manager indicates that the driver version for display lacie big disk usb is 8.

Little Big Disk USB 2 | LaCie US

Doesn’t mount or show up in Disk Diek. My 5 year old GB Lacie also half-failed. Or will I compound things? Anyway, when you got the two drives to spin up, is the data split between the two drives or is it in the straight 1TB mode set lacie big disk usb so it fills one drive then the next?

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