I figured out how to download caches from geocaching. I have been able to create a waypoint or use the MOB feature and find it, but not follow the exact route back. December 26, at 4: March 29, at Mostly all I want to do is geocache. I upgraded the plugins for Garmin.

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Thanks Sunil Borwankar Betul. It is in this aspect, I have to mention the exact latitude and longitude of the site visited.

June 19, at The results are shown below. If so, 100 you mind explaining how? I garmin etrex 10 usb been able to create a waypoint or use the MOB feature and find it, but not follow the exact route back.

As noted above, the eTrex 10 represents a huge improvement over the older eTrex H. These would then be inserted into ArcGIS and the folders used to create an output map.

My tablet sees the eTrex as a USB garmin etrex 10 usb and Etrrx am able to cut and paste downloaded routes but doing etrrex this way does not allow the eTrex to separate into routes and waypoints to allow them to be accessed through the separate menus.

May 19, at 7: Name your routes, your tracks, your waypoints and save them. Or have I deleted the WhereTo from main-menu? Notify me of followup garmin etrex 10 usb via e-mail.


Garmin eTrex 10 review – GPS Tracklog

I turned my etrex10 on and found a spot on mark waypoint called map. The main menu items are pictured below.

I plug them into my Windows 7 PC and they used to appear as a drive, I garmin etrex 10 usb copy a pocket query and paste it into the GPX folder and it all worked fine. So very, very happy I did. Frustrated with the lack of an understandable manual. There are just too many variables — accuracy of the cache coordinates, satellite constellation variability, terrain, multipath effects, etc.

July 23, at 7: What this garmin etrex 10 usb will do: I read in another forum that waypoints display in N and E, so is this the only way to get N and E? Added marine colors mode Improved GPS response at low speeds Garmin etrex 10 usb issue with altitude values in track logs Fixed issue with track log naming when using BaseCamp Fixed issue with compass CDI pointer Fixed issue with distance units in geocache dashboard Changes made from version 2.

Tarmin 4 miles in my car, my etrex reads 3.

I set my car mileage to zero miles and my etrex 10 to zero feet. I was using the cable that came with the 1st etrex, now using the one that i had with the 2nd etrex, garmin etrex 10 usb had never etrec taken out of the box so is new.


April 27, at 6: September 11, at 8: Mostly all I want to do is geocache. I had the same problem with an Etrex 10 and 20 a while back.

Download geocaching software for your Garmin eTrex 10 [USB] GPS!

Are you always using the same cable? Am seriously thinking about taking it back and exchanging for a Magellan. December gsrmin, at 4: There is not us memory to complete this opreration. Hi, Never had a GPS My needs are simply walking around the boundaries of garmin etrex 10 usb patches many times under the canopycome up with a map showing shape, size and be able to place it garmin etrex 10 usb Google Earth. We simply want to be able to have a second backup GPS reading for when we conduct mobile data collection on our Android smartphones low-end Samsung Galaxies out in the field using Open Data Kit or Survey2Go.