So you can nearly belive that the mouse flies without any resistance over the Mousepad. Despite the inevitable cable clutter, wired mice offer a higher degree of precision that has yet to be guaranteed by their wireless counterparts. Home Reviews Computing Peripherals. The Bottom Line Usually we’re fans of Logitech’s gaming mice, but its highest-end G9 Laser Mouse is expensive, overly complex, and lacks the ergonomic thought we’ve come to expect. Key Features Review Price: Pros Interchangeable weight, grip, and LEDs.

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Take the wide load grip, which as the name suggests is slightly wider and larger. H9 biggest tech show proves tech is weird and awesome. The G9X’s underside g9 mouse two smooth feet that allow it to glide over most surfaces. Rough grip was used, g9 mouse the smooth grip is new.

There was a little wobble in the shell when I would have to pick up the mouse, but it was minor. Continue to g9 mouse page 01 Performance In and out of gaming, the G9X displayed exceptional capabilities. In gaming, its 3, DPI speed was evident every time I quickly spun around to ascertain my environment. We’ve long been fans of Logitech’s gaming mice, but mouss new Moues Laser Mouse feels like a collection of missed g9 mouse.

Pros Interchangeable weight, grip, and LEDs. Skip to main content.

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Bottom Line The Logitech G9X Laser Mouse aims to please and hits the mark in terms of performance and design, though its maximum DPI isn’t g9 mouse high as that of some competing gaming mice. Here’s how quickly Facebook rebuilt its profile on me. For gamers who place more of an emphasis on precision, though, its maximum DPI of 3, doesn’t measure up to the accuracy offered by the less costly Corsair Vengeance M60 or the significantly pricier Razer Mamba This is moulded perfectly for those who like to grip the mouse with g9 mouse whole hand, with a slightly exaggerated rear end to help support the palm and a softer touch to make prolonged use comfortable.


The software also runs an Application Detection feature, which disables the profiles on the G9X’s g9 mouse memory and instead allows it to automatically designate profile settings that correspond to specific applications.

The idea of the two attachments is to let you customize the grip of the G9 to your preference. That said, gamers g9 mouse for the fastest available connection for their mice should stick with the USB g9 mouse.

g9 mouse The reduction of the friction provides improved accuracy when mpuse and working with your mouse. As far as texture goes, this grip comes in a soft, satin finish. Custom profiles can be made. This is helpful for switching between different profiles on the fly at, say, g9 mouse LAN party or gaming tournaments.

Review: Logitech G9 Laser Mouse – TechCrunch

So you can cluster them around a common setting or spread them all over the board, though it gets pretty ridiculous at the extremes. In this naked state, you’ll notice its spring-loaded weight tuning system at the rear, which g9 mouse be g9 mouse with up to four of the included eight 7- or 4-gram g9 mouse. I found that a few settings near the 9g and one at the high end served well, and I could switch through as necessary, when say changing classes in Team Fortress 2.

Adjusting the DPI on the fly was fluid and effortless, though mousr near as effective for first person shooters as the dedicated “sniper” button found on the Corsair G9 mouse M60, which automatically lowered DPI to a lower pre-set rate for momentarily precise aiming. G9 mouse of its grips and free from all the aesthetic bells and whistles, the G9X resembles something of an endoskeleton. Most prominently, it has that feature now common on high-end mice, on-the-fly dpi setting indicated by an LED display on the mouse the color of which you can also change, a nice touch.

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Review: Logitech G9 Laser Mouse

Setpoint also allows for you to g9 mouse up profiles, switched either g9 mouse a button on the mouse or application detection. With a typical design certain mice just favour h9 technique over the other, but the choice of grips with the G9 solves this problem. If you like to brag about dot-per-inch limits, perhaps the G9’s 3,dpi laser will be enough to g9 mouse you, but for the price, we expect the design to match.

Above all, it’s quick and responsive.

We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read. The UI for putting them together is pretty good, and Setpoint in general seemed a friendly program, g9 mouse it always pains me to g9 mouse another background process to the pile.

Logitech G9X Laser Mouse

The included Logitech SetPoint software allows the user to create and store up to five different profiles on the G9X’s on-board g9 mouse. Ultimately, however, it’s a fine choice for anyone looking to step their game up.

Mouse, 1 grip cover, and four 7g weights are the only things g9 mouse.