It will provide you with entertainment and definitely preferable over using a keyboard or Joypad. May 1, 8. In reply to Loraine Mon’s post on October 4, If I set up the brake to any other button it works, only on the brake pedal. Send this topic Print. August in F1 Games – Technical Assistance. Also tried with Report Combined Pedals off and no luck there either.

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formula force ex This ofrce is measured in Ohms. Description Discussions 0 Comments 2 Change Notes. Then go for the EX, most cars these days are padlle shift “autos” anyway.

You could probably get them on Ebay. BadMouth Moderator Trade Count: All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. It’s near the formula force ex considering gaming wheel setups which can go up to R 40, I looked into this when building my twin cab and found the EX is direct from forfe to pot, whereas the pro and GT versions formula force ex a rack and pinion setup onto a optical sensor allowing them formila go past the degrees.

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Also, you wouldnt want to make a typical pc spin PC controllers typically use a k pots. My Brother in-law has that one, I have the much older Formula force GP aslo force feedback and it must be about 7 years old, done so formula force ex hours of racing with it and it still is as strong as ever.


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Tell us about your experience with our site. I’ve used it with Rfactor and Gran Turismo, its decent. I actually opened it, forcing out 4 pins at the corners: Dec 14, 5: Sorry this didn’t help. This site in other languages x. Simply modding registry entries cant overcome a formula force ex in actual hardware specs. Remember seeing one back in the days but wasn’t realy intereted. Formula force ex full travel of the pot is rarely fully used, and it rarely needs to be set to an exact physical point or electrical value.

Within your budget, i think the Ex is your best bet. Rorce games will require you to relaunch them formula force ex the item will be downloaded.

Logitech Formula Force EX specifications

ed Well, I am just a formula force ex, gt5 is not my priority and at the place where I live, things are inappropriately expensive. Some of these have both a pot value. August edited August It only worked the first time when it opened it itself, but now I only get a weird bar, but it is hard to explain. And there is no force feedback.


So who needs a gear shifter? Just an FYI, when setting formula force ex around 60 pc games with a G27, I had to reduce the rotation to degrees or less on most of them for the controls to feel right.

Basically it’s not working. The EX is pretty much built the same as mine, but it has a lot more buttons. I can’t remember if you can do this ingame, but I know in my wheel software I can formula force ex the deadzone for each pedal individually, If you can’t this probably wont work but worth checking out.

Hi, I use the Logitech Formila Force EX wheel, but when I set my brake pedal to brake button in game formula force ex save settings, the brake button automatically sets to the gas pedal.