From this, true 16 bit linearity can be achieved from standard commercial CDs 16 bit — 44 kHz sample rate. See all our DAC reviews. All the basic accessories that comes with E17,which is pretty much the same as what you will receive on other FiiO amps. Do you already have an account? The final and new scenario:

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As for fiio e17 7ms delay on E10 only at the beginning of music playback, not between trackit is caused by the phase issue between the USB receiver TE and DAC WM that is unavoidable by themselves. That being fiio e17, I think it is obvious to state that Alpen is much better sounding then E6 and E7.

Search for HiFi device. After considerable use, I feel like the best way to describe the action of the E17 is to say that fiio e17 ‘cleans and amplifies sound’.

Pros – Outstanding ergonomics and unimpeachable performance. Pros Great fiio e17 Excellent sound quality. No specific drivers need to be installed manually either, which makes the whole thing painless. Do you already have an account? fiip

By this, I mean that I feel as though I can fiio e17 more instruments playing in the background, and everything sounds a touch louder and more precise. Fiio e17 Reviews and Discussion ifio Head-Fi. Pros – Elegant and compact design, solid build, plenty of features, tonally fii and pleasant sound, great value for money.


It can also make headphones sound that bit more expansive. Depending on the headphones the difference ranges from markedly improved to night-n-day.

Fiio E17 review

Last but not least, Fiio e17 think most will want to know how good a combo they will be when Alpen is docked on E9? Two EQ curve to showcase the overall dynamic of the EQ system. fiio e17

The AUX-in, which is what fiio e17 E17 into a pure amp, fiio e17 not functioning properly. I think it can use a bit more forward mids, but it’s not objectionably recessed in this regard by any measure.

Reborn of your non-wireless devices: While I think the actual difference in SQ is very subtle, I do prefer E11 by just a very small margin. However, i did expect a lot more to be honest. Using USB also has a side benefit of charging the E Battery life FiiO claims the E17 can run for up to 15 hours in a single charge. But they are not there to add coloration. Use what even amp you are going to pair with Alpen to control volume and gain. Mids became more enveloping, and, like fiio e17 said, the bass became more enjoyable.


Value In the audio world, the Fiio e17 E17 seems like a fiio e17.

I do not use the inbuilt equalizer and I find the sound to be quite accurate and neutral, which I highly appreciate. However, if you have genuinely demanding headphones, fiio e17 Fiio E17 has a significant impact on sound that may even surprise the nay sayers out there. In the lower position close to giio wordsAlpen will be in its default mode to output line level signal fixed level, no EQ when docked to E9 or L7. fiio e17

FiiO E17 | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

I was able to turn my SRHs into a basshead headphone when the bass was all the way up basically. On paper, the Fiio is a useful little box of tricks and some of the added features and functionality might entice some users. At the top, we get two 3. Fiio e17Fiio e17 7, Bluetooth Car Stereo Receiver. Dec 30, at MyerusFeb 24,