Futuremark PCMark 8 download v2. It is one of our most reliable benchmarks to date. It is one of the reasons that Windows Vista occupies so much memory. Finally, right by the fan of the video card, we can see a single 6-pin PCI-E power connector. According to Nvidia, gamers coming from the GTX should see roughly about 2.

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To get our power consumption numbers, we plugged in our Kill A Watt power measurement device evba took the Idle reading at the desktop during our temperature readings. This time around, we can see that this was not an exception, and the Kepler GPUs seem to perform poorer in Just Cause 2.

A couple of weeks ago we tested evga gtx 660 sc Ti model, now it’s time for the ‘regular’ graphics card. Texture Fill Rate Bilinear. Anomalous results were discounted and the benchmarks were rerun. Prefetch tries to predict what users will load the next time they boot the machine by caching the relevant files and storing them for later use. Diablo and Blizzard Entertainment are trademarks or registered trademarks of Evga gtx 660 sc Entertainment, Inc.

Because these four features can potentially interfere with benchmarking, and and are out of our control, we disable them. This particular cooler uses a push fan design, which pushes the cool air through the card, and exhaust the hot air at the evga gtx 660 sc of the chassis.

EVGA GeForce GTX 660 Academy

Memory Specs Memory Detail: Combined with an all custom PCB design and a lot of tweaking features this product will be enticing for a lot evga gtx 660 sc you guys. Looking at the card, the EVGA GTX SC has a simple but beautiful carbon fiber and aluminum like cover, however, the cover is evga gtx 660 sc out of plastic, and the card comes in at a length of 9. The rear of the card has 4 display output connectors.


While the EVGA GTX SC did not satisfy us in the overclocking, the card can still be considered as one of evga gtx 660 sc best bang for the buck video cards currently on the market.

Some of the new free to play games will also take advantage of DirectX 11 and PhysX technology developed by Nvidia, including Hawken, Planetside 2, and Mechwarrior Online.

This provides for a cooler graphics card, lower sf consumption, and quieter operation in instances where additional frames would only create tearing and unnoticeable differences due to limited monitor refresh rates. Not bad, no Sir. We want to learn how the program runs without any of the files being cached, and we disable it so that each test run we do not have to evga gtx 660 sc pre-fetch to get accurate numbers.

EVGA GeForce GTX SC review – Introduction

We turn off drive indexing and daily defragging. Fantastic performance, in some cases outperforms the GTX Do keep in mind that this depends on the type of game you play, and evga gtx 660 sc games that can be heavily modded, like The Elder Scrolls V: These big titles will push the gaming market evga gtx 660 sc another level, with more visual beauty for the eyes, along with a better gaming experience.

While this type of cooling is more efficient at keeping lower system temperatures, a double fan design which relies on cooling the card with the available re-circulated air inside the chassis usually performs better evga gtx 660 sc the GPU side, but can also heat up the system by several degrees.


One of the fantastic features of the latest Kepler cards include lower power consumption compared to previous generation cards. We recommend switching over to DX10 mode or set graphics settings to High in order to get a much playable framerate. Previous Article Next Article.

We are using a new addition to our scoring system to provide additional feedback beyond a flat score. Thermal Misconceptions Large dual, triple, or even center fan coolers seem to be all the rage these days, but what is really happening inside your PC case?

Finally, right by the fan of the video card, we can see a single evga gtx 660 sc PCI-E power connector.

It is evga gtx 660 sc of our most reliable benchmarks to date. Evga gtx 660 sc settled at a very stable MHz overclock from the standard Mhz effective frequencies. Now we all like the reference founders edition cards, but let’s face it, aren’t the proper board partner cards so Finally it also has some great features for gamers, which include gtc per second limiter to prevent the card from rendering unnecessary frames.

Modern Warfare 2 DX Oh and hey, SC means a factory o