GolfSpy T Within the last year we’ve had the opportunity to review a couple sets of Cobra irons. All we’re really talking about here is the number stamped into the sole. I just came from golfsmith and hit the S3 regular shaft 6 Iron and I also hit the Taylormade 2. I tend to hit irons low anyway so the Nippons should be good. Of course jacking up the lofts to create the perception of longer distance is a gimmick, but its not a gimmick unique to Cobra, nor is it a reason to get worked up. Looking at the face of the new S3 and S3 Max drivers, golfers will notice that the head is more ovular, bulging near the toe area.

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So before Cobra Golf cobrs sat down and started to create the follow-up to the S2 driver, they took a close look at those missed shots.

The longer rounds were considerably more enjoyable to me.

Given all the different drivers and irons he plays, it is a wonder that he can play to a 5. The popup will be closed in 10 seconds All you’ll need to do is set aside 3 hours ’cause I’d a won on the 12th hole. I’ve always liked Cobra, but the direction over the years since Norman sold the company wasn’t the best, looks betweem they may be back, now if they could just cool it with the orange Internal polymer topline and full cavity TPU thermoplastic urethane.

With very light grip pressure and a few practice putts while looking at the hole, I get the distance right. Good slice correction; expanded sweet spot delivers on toe or heel misses; some testers find that off-center hits travel about as far as pure hits. What I’m looking for is an iron difference between cobra s2 and s3 that is pretty light with a stiff enough tip differencce to wimp out at impact through heavy rough or being beat down on a betwwen off hardpan but still difference between cobra s2 and s3 enough to bend slightly as I transition down from the top of my swing and then getween enough to kick through as my weight moves totally on my left foot.


Cobra S9 irons v Cobra S2 MAX irons – Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting – The Sand Trap .com

Why do I do it? For each vary your finish – one low, one high, and one normal.

Hitting out of deep rough? I may try to snare a set of S2’s with regular flex shafts. Agree about the orange.

Not sure they can get past the range with the s3’s in the picture. But even the GW is a weak PW. A skull ans of the sand usually ends up in double bogey or worse because sometimes the ball goes OB.

Club Test 2011: Cobra S3 and S3 Max Offset Drivers

Difference between cobra s2 and s3 using my whole body more and I’m taking a longer backswing and a more fluid stroke. Took 5i S2 and MX out for a test drive. Kevin won, but I think I made digference quantum leap in putting ability–from simply better technique. By iacasDecember 31, in Instruction and Playing Tips. Worst scores in Differende history Best golf movies.


When you test across a range of ability levels like we do, it’s extremely difficult in general to find a club that appeals to everyone.


Our highest handicap golfer, Mark, commented that the S3s are “every bit as schweet as my S2 forged sticks, and even prettier”. Seems prudent to build on the success of others, do what the best does.

I have a cure for your bunker skulling but you are probably not going to like it. e2

Looking at the face of the new S3 and S3 Max drivers, golfers will notice that the head is more ovular, bulging near the toe area. You may have to register before you can post: I asked if they could send a partial order. Any combination of those or an out-of-bounds shot and the best I can hope for is double. Game-Improvement Drivers We tested: I really like the set and have noticed difference between cobra s2 and s3 additional length and accuracy over my previous set of Callaway X22 irons.

Best iron purchase ever.

They will have to be pretty special. The company made of them, and Poulter, after being presented with one, decided that instead of putting it on his wall, he’d put it into play.