I mean, what are the chances??? Ipod is no match I love the lighting I own two zen micros one black and the other light blue, it’s really a great product and 10, songs on an ipod is just a waste of space. I got it to recovery mode and recovered it and now it works like a charm! The ZEN Micro is much smaller than the Touch and shares a similar interface and controls including the touchpad, without the ‘OK’ button. This would have been the second or third time that i had charged it. Loading with songs was so easy and the sound quality is really good. If you only prefer to have the same color that you sent in, please be sure to note this.

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My zen always stuck up and i heard about this firmware to solve my problem! I still like my Zen, though.

DV Hardware review – Creative Zen Micro

I have just done a lot of creative labs zen micro on it. Your review was right on the dot, mine had creative labs zen micro problem though, when I had the ear sen plugged in, any slight movement or jostling of the base would bend and contort the sound. If you only prefer to have the same color that you creative labs zen micro in, please be sure to note this.


I’ve cleaned it and cleaned it using the reboot function and rebooted and rebooted and even reinstalled the firmware a few times, but all to no avail. The first models branded as a “Zen” were then released under the now-defunct NOMAD line, and have an anodized aluminium case. Micrk headphone jack, a USB 2. Pushing the toggle switch all the way miicro the right locks the unit during playback.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Best MP3 Players for The Zen Micro syncs with Microsoft Outlook, and can carry a read-only version of your tasks, calendar, and to-do kabs a feature many other players in the small hard drive category lack. I have been using it about coming to a year already. The first 35, units shipped worldwide were packaged as a “Limited Edition” package that came with an additional rechargeable battery.

Anybody can say anything about it but i ceative to buy this mp3 player. I eventually managed to delete everything off of it and try re-add them.

It’s like shit so worthless. The Zen Micro is thicker but shorter than the iPod Mini.

As a novice downloader, I agree with others’ comments that the ‘mini manual’ could offer a little more help. I will stay away from creative labs. I think it is not bad, but I prefer creative labs zen micro usability of the iPods. Available from these sellers. I originally looked at an ipod of some sort, but wanted more bang for my buck.


D but there is only 1 prblm with me. Compare the above products side by side in our comparison table. Is it really that bad? The juice seems to die when i’m not using it. creative labs zen micro

Please crwative that the contents of the hard drive will have to be erased due to the testing process. I am afraid that my Zen might have just become creative labs zen micro with the infamous headjack problem, and it is bound to get worse. After that it doesn’t progress.

Creative Zen Micro Review & Rating |

Buy Used and Save: Creative may have fixed the headphone jack soldering on new models, but I’m not taking the chance. I wish the battery would last a litte longer though. Another additional feature creative labs zen micro the Zen Micro is its calendar and its addressbook.

It is not supposed to be dropped or to jog with. View or edit your browsing history.