There are other places for that. I didn’t disable raid, not I changed it. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. If you backup to the cloud or an external drive RAID 0 isn’t paramount either but if you cannot risk losing any data whatsoever then it is the best option to take although an extra backup should still be made in case the laptop gets stolen. Yes, my password is: Don’t RAID need multiple identical drive to work?

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Yeah I have the 15r3 and its awesome in that department. PapusanJun 19, The data saved in a disk by a RAID controller cannot be read by a different controller. This is not an official company alienware raid. To better understand the difference, striping means data is written across 2 drives instead of one making read and write access much faster.

There are other places for that. alienware raid

Has anyone here disabled RAID on their Alienware? : Alienware

In the event of a drive failure you won’t lose any data and once the faulty drive has been alienware raid you should be back to normal within a couple of hours. For the best experience, we recommend using Internet Explorer or Chrome.


alienware raid

Hardware implementation is strongly recommended. Share This Page Tweet. Become a Redditor and alienware raid to one of thousands of communities. Thanks a lot man.

Please review Alienware’s official YouTube channel before asking how to work on your laptop or desktop! No, create an account now.

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How to create a RAID array? Comments cannot contain these special characters: There are 4 drive slots in alienware raid for the laptop.

Alienware subscribe unsubscribe 9, readers users here now Home hot new top A community alienware raid discuss everything Alienware, from laptops to desktops to gear. There alienwarf other places for that. Honestly, with cloud based storage options these days I think there is even less reason to be that worried about drive reliability. In this level, data is striped across drives, the data is broken down into blocks and each alienware raid is written to a separate disk drive.

Submit a new link. Want alienware raid add to the discussion? Don’t RAID need multiple identical drive to work?

InvoluntorySoulAlienware raid 19, Was this article helpful?

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RAID Level 1 requires a minimum of 2 drives to implement. You’ll just edit the bios. I have two of these alienware raid I keep all of my important data on. I’ve not had a raid alienware raid fail at all in the last 10 years.

So the resulting setup would be like this: The basic idea of RAID was to combine multiple small, inexpensive disk drives into an array of alienwre drives which yields performance exceeding that of a Single Large Expensive Drive SLED ; this array of drives appears to the computer as alienware raid single logical storage unit or drive.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I had purchased my Aurora with 2 3TB hard drives in alienware raid raid configuration. Please bookmark this article as restarts of the computer are recommended during the alienware raid raod help resolve issues.