We quite like the brightness levels on this one. V5 – G – fn keys won’t work tried everything — Acer Colors are bright and crisp, and the viewing angles leave nothing to complain about. The Acer Aspire V5 Series is designed to fill the role of slim multimedia notebook and is available in Please, switch off ad blockers. It is accompanied by an additional two USB 2. Those seeking to replace the hard drive with an SSD model will need to remember to choose a model that fits the 7-millimeter 0.

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Overall, this is a good looking, well designed machine for an affordable price. The acer aspire v5-571g important factor in acer aspire v5-571g the overall performance of current CPUs is whether they are capable of fully exploiting Turbo Boost.

However, it should azpire noted that there are two variants of the GT M. Crispness of the display, again something we really appreciated in the Aspire V3, is acdr through here as well. Consequently, the GPU can only be used in conjunction with Optimus. Our only suggestion for improving the keyboard would be to use slightly acer aspire v5-571g concave keys, allowing fingers to hit key-centers more intuitively and improve typing feedback.

Acer Aspire VGG50Makk – External Reviews

This leads to two possible restrictions. Those considering the purchase of an Aspire V5 without a dedicated graphics card would be well-advised to upgrade the notebook to include an additional RAM module. In both cases, the Watt power adapter acer aspire v5-571g more than sufficient.


The Aspire line follows the current trend of integrating the mouse buttons into the touchpad itself. On the performance front, the benchmarks are a tad better than what we expected, which does say a lot for the overall package on acer aspire v5-571g. This website uses cookies.

Nonetheless, the base unit appeared relatively robust. Acer aspire v5-571g prefer laptops with a clean Windows out of the box, and even for testing we remove all software or just re-install a clean copy of Windows. It should be noted that such high noise levels are unlikely to ever be reached in practical aspirf.

Most current 3D games acer aspire v5-571g smoothly even though the Aspire VG lacks the overhead of a more powerful gaming notebook. Considering how thin and light the build is, battery life is a concern. Gateway, which has an own laptop line-up, has also belonged to the Acer Group since Color space is an issue relevant first and foremost to acer aspire v5-571g professionals who frequently work with graphics and photo editing software.

Acer Aspire V5-571G-33224G75

The nanometer fabrication processor allows the 1. As a result of the above, the notebook seems unsuitable for mobile use. Voltcraft SL 15 cm distance. I’m not axpire acer aspire v5-571g it happened because I always keep my laptop plugged in, but it shouldn’t be this because my dad also told me that it’s supposed to switch to using electrical power to run acfr than the power stored in the battery once it’s fully charged and that acer aspire v5-571g you always keep it plugged in or not doesn’t matter is this true?


The notebook is not particularly user upgradable.

Apart from the acer aspire v5-571g card reader on the front, all other interfaces are aspure on the left side. Will this qualify the notebook for our recommendation?

Review Acer Aspire V5-571G Notebook

Translate that into real life performance, and this should simply double. Acer homepage Acer notebook section Aspire V5 Series.

On the other hand, the extremely thin case has little room for cooling. One of the primary factors behind the generally-high price points of current ultrabooks is the use of expensive, high-grade construction materials for the case. To circumvent this premium, Acer instead uses a simple but nonetheless appealing plastic case for the Aspire VG. We are not entirely happy with this particular solution and would have preferred a classic-style touchpad with dedicated buttons.

It has to be rebooted. The battery life clocked two and acer aspire v5-571g half hours in the battery tests. In many aspects, acer aspire v5-571g device is average in its class and does not stand out. It is accompanied by an additional two USB 2.