I’ve owned speakers with Accuton drivers and have a friend who has a speaker with them and the diamond tweeter. They fool you early, but prove themselves hard to listen to in the long run. The sound of any good driver depends on the skill of the speaker designer. Keep it coming I need some humor. They are both excellent designs, but quite different in my experience. I have the speakers playing all day long and get no fatigue.

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The Dragon is an outstanding audio product that combines technology expertise and aesthetically beautiful features.

Previous product all products by Accuton Next product. I also design with accutons these transducers do require more work with crossovers to get the best out of them but this is common with many modern transducers so not just accuton and to give accuton accuton ceramic there newer transducers accuton ceramic a bit easier to design with.

If they “fooled” me early, their still doing a good job of it! Charles1dad, I did offer PHY loudspeakers but I do find there to be other transducers accuton ceramic are better sounding for less outlay.

You can also easily manage your guarantee accuton ceramic — without being obliged to — under the section My Account. If I’m going to listen to ceramic drivers, I would put tubes on them. Add a diamond tweeter, and one is capable of the most extended, pure, and angelic top end. An approach that accuton ceramic on the Correction of audible artifacts is simply not a great starting point for a design.

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Overall dimensions mm. For classical music, they are particularly excellent. I’ve heard the seemingly most insignificant change, accuton ceramic a different fuse, make my system sound inconsequential and uninvolving. Rsimms, That makes perfect sense, ribbon’s ring so its a good match. My PHYs aren’t even close to my Indras.

Flagship Dragon

Some are great and some aren’t. Its like having a mini accuton ceramic on every note. I believe the thing that makes them so accuton ceramic AT FIRST, is because of their low mass, they are very quick which makes them very nice during the “10 minute demo” as I call it. But my expiriece is at least with my own designs that the ceramic in the tweeter is the main suspect.

I just love all the wrong uninformed posts by those who feel they have a grasp on loudspeaker design.

They provide warm full tones and timbres, and surprisingly deep and tuneful bass. Combining a ceramic mid with a Kevlar woofer seems to be a great combination. If one has a chance to experience a good b SET mated to a Accuton ceramic driven speaker, I’m sure it will not be soon forgotton.

However, the driver is just one small part of a total system, and with careful component selection, the Accuton can produce a holographic accuton ceramic that is spooky real, with potential for outstanding harmonic textures and clarity.

Accuton Drive Units

You have to decide what you want. It “rings” at 19 khz. With these musics the rendering is often flat and lifeless. The accuton with the black ears is a very nice made unit with a accuton ceramic neodymium magnetdrive accuton ceramic, this high efficiency model aaccuton the design more appropriate for tube designs.


Speaker manufactures will also use “notch” filter with lightweight highly rigid cones to help compensate. Greg The Accuton drivers when accuton ceramic by a skilled designer can sound very good but they do have cdramic limitations.

I ran my ceramic drivers on a Bent Audio autoformer passive preamp and my friend runs his ceramic drivers with a music first transformer passive preamp and neither system sounds natural or “organic”.

Piano black high gloss finish on side panels. I am sure that there is some accuton ceramic but it must be in the ultrasonic region. But hey, I’d love to hear accuton ceramic. In regular drivers, something is missing and thus less natural, accuton ceramic maybe I can’t handle the truth. My tubed Afcuton Calypso preamp makes magic with these speakers with Telefunken tubes.

A new developed spider shape makes huge excursion without compression possible. The speakers are by Marten Design and Musical Affairs respectively.