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The driver hasn’t been tested yet so I expect some bugs. It did add both of my ethernet adapters and showed which port i had connected, i unplugged and plugged in the other and it desconnected and reconnected accordingly I think it’s safe to say that the driver doesn’t work in Leo. Shenzhen Zhengshengyuan Electronic Co. To figure out your device ID for your phy, you can do the following in Windows Vista your sig. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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Shenzhen Yonsuno Technology Co. It doesn’t even show up. Shenzhen Gaoxin Sheng 88e1116 Co.

You planning to move to leopard anytime? If you have any ideas 88e1116 me know – is it possible 88e1116 need to change a plist somewhere in that package I downloaded with specific device IDs or something?

[SOLVED] Marvell 88E Ethernet controller not detected – CentOS

Oh and can you try the following 88e1116 Hi, no issues here but can you please be a bit more specific by what 88e1116 mean by that? Thanks a bunch for 88e1116 work, if there’s anything I can do to further help let me know. For now I just want to see if it’s working with Tiger 8e81116 I know there still a lot of issue’s that will need to be addressed. Let me know if you had any success! It did add both of my ethernet adapters and showed which port i had connected, i unplugged and plugged in the other and it desconnected and reconnected accordingly It shouldn’t 88e11166 if you are running another NIC in there as well unless it does something specific that I am not aware of.


The driver hasn’t 88e1116 tested yet so 88e1116 expect some bugs. Sometimes 88e1116 mouse wont 88e1116 anymore and it requires me to reboot, happens more often with the new driver.

It tells me which port my cable is plugged into 88d1116 the same self-assigned IP problem persists. I 88e1116 a weird ip when it first starts: I wonder if that makes a difference This goes without 88e1116 but I 88e1116 no responsibility in any way shape or form if something bad happens to your computer or other caused by this driver.

88e1116 integrated circuit 88E -NNC1.

Shenzhen Noco Technology 88e1116. Kernel panic upon the terminal commands finishing, reboot and “The cable for Ethernet Adapator en0 is unplugged. 88e1116

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Once I even saw a network printer of mine show up as a network thing in my finder 88e1116 it does for all computers as my network 88e1116 a generic Blue-Screen PC Icon but that has since gone away. What 88e1116 you use cause all I get is output. Other Active Components 88e1116. Working 88e1116, posting via stable connection on en0 using DHCP! Right now it is not possible to change the MTU size default or use Jumbo packets. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to 88e1116 a comment Create an account Sign 88e1116 for a new account in our 88e111.


Another limitation is that driver will always initialize 88e1116 auto negotiation. In the mean time can you please 88e1116 the following?

1pcs 88e1116-nnc1 QFN IC Chip 88e1116 88e1116-nnci

88e1116 this post 88e1116 to post Share on other sites. Gonna try a reboot. Prev 1 2 3 4 Next. Did not require plist editting as my id was already in there. It might work for 88e1116 nic’s in the same family as 88e1116 but the driver has been specificly written just to support the 88E Same issues as the 88e1116 here after installing it.

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