It is being used lesser now with the availability, cost, quality improvement and advancement of capacitor technology. When this line stage is finished, it’s time to start building a new chassis! Now that really brings out the need of having an interstage transformer – double the output power with just using the same tube. Finished with phones output added! Even the TRAM2 features capacitor coupling and no matter how good caps we use, caps are crap and colour sound. OT load is increased to 1. Highly recommended should you decide to build the line stage.

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If you have those old schematics or even vacuum datasheet, take it out and have a look.

Here the combined schematics. I’m afraid to say it even beats my B integrated by a small margin in overall dynamics and an almost palpable midrange that reaches out into my listening room.

Interstage transformer

The nice looking one above too. With uF cathode bypass capacitor and a operating into a nominal 10k load inteestage should be around 6. Simply more hifi in the true sense of the word. The philosophy behind this approach can be read from Lynn Olson’s lecture on current loops: These lithium batteries are staying! After some 20 hours of playing my initial impressions remain and the tendency to pull the sound stage a little towards the center seems gone.


2A3 and 45 single ended amplifier

Adding a large sheet of aluminium between the mains interstate and left channel output trafo reduce hum, so maybe I made a bad cabinet layout after all.

Design implemented and it just works excellent. Does the in reality have a serious problem with microphony? Trying true start earthing of all ground connections didn’t help either.

Out of three attenuators bought from Hong Kong, three has been faulty. They do come in 3V so only two in series. By the way, I could not figure out if the hum you encountered was 50Hz or Hz. Please let me make a few suggestions. Building amps and speakers is a never ending story.

Email us at jnkaudiodesign gmail. As can be seen, I only heat one half of the tube, allowing tube swapping and doubling tube life.

I plan on reading the rest of your website soon. The series resistor should be no larger than the anode impedance of valve used at the operating point used divided by ten. 56887 had no idea what I was in for when I borrowed the TRAM, but after a few minutes of listening, there was no doubt in my mind that I had to build a similar line stage.


ANK Audiokits – Interstage Coupled Amps

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RC circuit left as-is. The use of un-shielded signal cables may pose another 587 and ijterstage on the experience presented here, I would re-build the entire TRAM.

Check back regularly or subscribe for updates. Thanks to John for taking the time to respond to my WOT line stage! One last important thing I’ve noticed: Spray used for stoves; makes a nice metallic surface, but rather fragile, thus As-is it simply can’t be used with 95 dB speaker systems. We do not have fixed models, fixed price and we customize for each individuals. Right now my w. Some good advice on hum problems can be found here at: