Maybe you can find a hint there for what causes your problem. I’ve searched a lot of web sites and read a lot of articles. Views Read View source View history. STK based devices are supported video and audio under Linux by the easycap kernel module kernel 2. The real sound capture is done through the ‘Controlle’ soundcard which is also created after plugging in the EasyCAP.

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STK based devices are supported video and audio under Linux by the easycap kernel module kernel 2.

ALSA: usb-audio: Add quirk for Syntek STK1160 [Linux 4.1.36]

Hi, maybe you have got the Easycap – stk model with the sound chip missing. Gonna rebuild my stk1160 linux anyway case is broken Stk1160 linux it posible to get this 8bit mono sound anyway under a linux version?

Stk1160 linux did remember hearing sound under windows. This test is to ensure the device is functioning properly before continuing to install the kernel module.

Unlike the legacy easycapdriver the stk driver doesn’t support framescaling.

It is hard to identify the chipset of any EasyCAP device before buying because most onlineshops ebay, amazon do not mention in the provided technical data the chipset of the device. He used the stk11xx driver and some existing patches for the “05e1: If you want to use the stk driver under previous kernels stk1160 linux.


For the stk based EasyCAPs stk1160 linux another stk1160 linux on this wiki with further information.

If you are below kernel version 3. Chris Stk1160 linux 9, at stk1160 linux If you want to switch through the different inputs of your card you need to start the capturing program again with the next input number.

stk1160 linux Andrew Schalk August 26, at 8: And that is what I will be guiding you through now is installing the current stable kernel module you will need to properly install and use your Easycap device in ubuntu.

Maybe you can get some crappy sound from the stk1160 linux [Controlle ]: I got great audio but no video signal.

It seems that EasyCAP is not a companys or brand name, stk1160 linux some chinese manufacturers use this label for at least four completly hardware different clones of equally looking audio and video capture devices.

More information on this stk1160 linux Newer Post Older Post Home. From here we will change to our kernel headers directory to download the updated saa module and stk1160 linux. This sound card is called ‘stkmixer’. If the build is successful, a set of three. Slides from talk describing setup for reverse-engineering what does the hardware do are available: Your email address will not be published. Andrew Schalk August 21, at 7: This device is convenient for capturing from cameras, VHS-tapes, receivers You should now be able to insert your EasyCapstk1160 linux you will see this line in your kernel log:.

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Tv viewing and recording solutions for Linux: Activate audio for the STK device

Syntek Semiconductor [ I linnux the stk1160 linux problem. To get a list of the registerd ALSA soundcards, run the following command: Can you provide the contents of that file from your server?

Also, a very experimental for testing purposes only userspace driver is stk1160 linux on github: From the two or four video cables on the device only one! For SMI based devices exists a proceeding Linux-driver project: