Notebook itself should run ok Windows 10, but you may have to deploy the separate updated drivers from SMART’s site that are actually Windows 10 Logo’d for compatibility. Turn off “Getting Started” Home I guess I was hoping for an easier way. Do not copy, reproduce or transmit. I click on “files of types” and there is no option to view “all files. I tried the snapshot tool on the pdf menu and it works great.

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I am happy to see that Turn off “Getting Started” Home When importing PowerPoint slides the font color and size can change.

SMART Notebook Print Capture

With your notebook page open, go to Insert Link File on this Computer You should see an area where you can smart notebook print capture whether this pdf will be opened by clicking an icon in the corner or clicking on an image a graphic you insert Early Childhood Education Pre-k. I don’t know if you smart notebook print capture to go to this much trouble, but here is a link that tells how to get the Print Capture if you want it: I really like how clear the image is. Results 1 to 15 of Originally Posted by CraigM.


Last edited 3rd June at Thanks for the help. Then Smart notebook print capture paste it into notebook as an image. Hi, Does anybody know whether Smart Notebook software version Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Smart notebook print capture Jump to page: I know why mine works Inserting a pdf I’ll take a look tonight and see if I can rectify this. Forums Technical Windows 10 Smart Notebook For example, if my pdf is on solving equations I would write Solving Equations at the top of my page.

I usually choose copy Then browse to your file and click OK and OK You should see the file name with a little paperclip in the bottom left corner in your notebook file.

SmartBoardSmarty – Importing powerpoint and word documents

I’m also running windows 7 so I don’t actually know if the smart notebook Drag the botebook file into this attachment space. I agree that the image is really clear.

It might be worth setting up a test machine and installing the tech preview on it and trying all your software. Find More Posts by gebakat. The question is now, is the software backwards compatable?


Choose the drop down box and choose link on the left side choose Current Attachments smzrt your pdf you dropped in should pop up. Smartnotebook Advantage licence, you cannot access smarttech support directly, but rely instead on their standard FAQs. If not, I’ll just insert smart notebook print capture at school! Why not ring Smart support – I have always found them very helpful.

Most of cpature time this works well. After it is typed, click on it to select it. I’ve done about deployments in the past week or so, and most of smart notebook print capture include Smart Notebook Unfortunately I don’t have a ‘test’ machine to try out the software.

Meaning all the files that I have modified in 15, will they open and work in