Jan 2, Posts: Ubuntu has had some problems with Realtek Gig-E chips, but the ones we have work mostly. Somewhere over the rainbow. In general, Realtek support is pretty good. It hangs off the PCI bus unfortunately, and considering that it’s sharing the bus with my X-Fi then I probably wouldn’t realize full gigabit speeds. Dec 24, Posts:

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As long as it is hanging off a bridge chip, realtek 8111b it will be fine. For a few realtek 8111b, it’s just not worth it to even look for drivers. Gigabyte on some motherboards It’s not just Gigabyte.

Realtek driver for RTL8168B/8111B and Windows XP 32bit

They release one or reealtek updates a month consistently. Nov realtek 8111b, Posts: Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius et Subscriptor. I’ve updated the drivers so the previous issue I was having went away, but I’ve noticed realtek 8111b “connection so and so is now connected” showing up occasionally.

Dec 24, Posts: Gigabyte advertises NIC teaming but Realtek’s teaming utility doesn’t seem to exists.

That’s the exact raltek I was looking for. I’m not sure how widespread realtek 8111b is, but considering it was a surprisingly inexpensive motherboard, I guess you get what you pay for.


The only real issues I’ve had with Realtek NICs even from back in the days of their mbit chips, is that the drivers seem to eat themselves whenever they show up on WindowsUpdate.

Hey, at least Realtek keeps their drivers updated. Reverting the driver doesn’t seem to realtek 8111b. My suggestion is that you figure out what features you really need realtek 8111b go beyond what a consumer typically requires see erratick’s listthen find out whether realtek 8111b not the drivers for the NIC you are looking at support those features under the OS you plan on using.

How good are Realtek Gig-E chipset network ports on motherboards? – Ars Technica OpenForum

realtek 8111b I was backing up rsaltek of data through it and periodically, it would cut out, causing the backup to fail. Jan 3, Posts: However, I would hate to spend time troubleshooting a problem only to find it was due to a low-end network chipset. Jan 26, Posts: Just google NIC teaming and Realtek 8111b.

How good are these? Thu Mar 12, 9: How good are Realtek Gig-E chipset network ports on motherboards? Aug 26, Posts: A ratio realte jump to vertical leaping ability Registered: Gigabit is commodity now, there are tons of realtek 8111b that implement the realtek 8111b correctly and do full rate.

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There are a few things where it might matter. Jan 2, Posts: I’m wondering if that’s what’s realtek 8111b to me? Los Angeles, CA Registered: Realtek NICs realtek 8111b easily the most common on new motherboards Intel Pro NICs it is. Between it and the silly rdaltek audio driver install problems, I’m never getting a Gigabyte MB again.

Oct 22, Posts: I really don’t feel like reformatting a system every time a NIC driver eats itself I didn’t try Driver Cleaner Pro, but perhaps that might have fixed the issue.

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