Thank you for your previous advice, which has been invaluable. Setup the bit driver following these instructions: Right-click on the shortcut for Palm Desktop, then choose “Run as Administrator”. Any and all suggestions welcome.. Having trouble signing in?

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I had an idea, which has partially solved the problem. Message 3 of 56Views.

Windows process – What is it?

In fact, the file was created by the installer itself! I guess you don’t think the problem is that I’m still using the original palm hotsync.

Now pick the Compatibility Tab at the top. I am currently succesfully runing Desktop 4.

Message 8 palm hotsync 56Views. You are the first person to report success with the Aceeca drivers and Windows 8!! Note that the driver supports most Palm OS versions. The palm hotsync I’m using now is full-width of the HotSync port, and has an extra port to attach the charger separately! External information from Paul Ppalm.

I am still at a loss as to what my options might be with the current hhotsync of palm. Yes it is nice to have people dedicated to finding solutions palm hotsync the corporate entities who look at palm hotsync as an expense rather than palm hotsync Customer Satisfaction activities. I’ve re-started and tried a different USB socket but no joy. It whirred away palmm I got the usual message ‘Hotsync complete’ but none of the changes in the tasks appeared on the device.


Device Manager should open.

Palm Desktop 4.2 with Windows 10 – Hotsync problem

Using Palm Desktop 6. I then changed some tasks in the Desktop and Hotsynced again.

Retrieved 7 March Message 9 of 56Views. Do I need to create palm hotsync separate folder and call it “Aceera” and put some of the files into it? By using this site, you accept the Terms of Use and Rules of Participation. Are there more than one User listed when you open the pull-down menu? By using this site, palm hotsync agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Tablets and Mobile Devices. Palm Desktop contains four main modules which correspond palm hotsync the four main palm hotsync of the original Palm Pilot:. Would not show until I closed Palm Desktop, then restarted it! You may now see under the Other heading the failed device with a yellow triangle against it.

In fact, I tried to install it several times. The application is loaded during the Windows boot process see Registry key: Having trouble signing in? I’ll get back to you ASAP. I’ve just palm hotsync back to the old PC to palm hotsync that Hotsync still works OK on that – it does, so that rules out faults in the device or the cable, I suppose.


Palm OS Personal information palm hotsync. Try to HotSync your device. Thank you so much.