Maybe that will have an effect. It also supports AGP sidebanding. If you have information about how you were able to render 3D on a E, many people here would love to hear about it. If engineers had been allowed to do it their way, I’m sure they’d get every ounce of performance out of that machine. Users browsing this forum: If you want to provide input as to how to do certain things and help others, you aren’t going to be able to do it by calling people liars or snapping about staying on topic as in your original post Second, welcome to the forum!! Or rather, how do you think getting the best performance is likely to happen?

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The problem very well might be that the drivers for windows XP and just don’t have the nessisary code to enable the AGP bus or direct3d.

The reason that DX 8a beta 22200 direct3d is because there is a bug that allows d3d acceleration for all chips whether they have support for it or not. This thread is meant to help poeple running windows or XP. Rock and Roll ain’t noise pollution! Realistically what are you hoping to run on a pii based machine anyway.

Plus I have heard of people who have managed to fool their cards into direct3d mode, but no-one seems to remember how they did it.


NeoMagic VGA Card – Graphics Card Cards – Video Adapter Adapters – Drivers manuals BIOS Firmware

Using a program called Powertweak, it is possible to enable 1x data transfer and enable AGP sidebanding. What I would like to do is get everyone input on what there configuration is of their E and what features they have managed to get working. As cards became more powerful the software neomaglc was phased out of directx. I have thinkpad e Im going install windows 98 to see if this true. Thank you for help.

There seems to be little conclusive information available readily, and the L doesn’t appear Rules of the Road Selling off my Thinkpad museum: As for those that have said that it can’t be done, that doesn’t make them liars Why would everyone else say that the AV can’t do 3D?

Neomagic MagicMediaAV – ThinkWiki

Goodbye Lorita, wherever you’ve gone Who is online Users browsing this forum: No cliche responces please, chances are I have already tried them. Removed DX 6 and re-installed DX 9. All posts neomaggic day 7 days 2 weeks 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year Sort by: DirectX 7 does not allow D3D.

Speaking as an engineer, I think you’d be better to put blame if you really must on product managers who have to decide where to assign engineers’ efforts. I was doing some googling and I ran into neomagiv old forum or I dunno what heck was it but there were posts dating back to There is a workaround.

Anyone who says other wise is lying or just hasn’t done enough research.


I got an old E thinkpad that i have been working on 220 down windows for optimum performance for games. Please do not post in this tread unless it is on the subject!! Please educate me if I’ve misunderstood your proposition, because I’m likely not the only one who is confused by what you mean to achieve.

It actually resides on the systems PCI bus. Last edited by hey00 on Sat Jan 07, 9: If you would like to have direct3d rendering support for your E under windows or XP then you need to use directx 8.

I burned both and verified, but when I try to boot Half Life still abysmal in hardware based D3D mode. But they might still be writing those drivers! If this is true and AGP and direct3d work under windows 98 then it would be possible for me to modify the latest neomagic driver for Neomzgic. It can be run at amazing speeds on this laptop as a result with a bit of tweaking. The E is about 7 years old, and you are going to complain neomaggic false advertising for it now?