Battery does not hold a charge. Its complete with everything you will need. If engineers had been allowed to do it their way, I’m sure they’d get every ounce of performance out of that machine. It has a modem and cover. IBM Thinkpad T60 The E is about 7 years old, and you are going to complain about false advertising for it now?

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Strangely the System Scan option on TuneUp Utilities reports that DirectX is using the machines 3D hardware although the reports TUU send back on the Neomagic 25a6v less than impressive however if I try to run Half-Life using hardware accelerated DX graphics it turns into a slide show – it is a shame these otherwise excellent machines were crippled in this way i have asked in the Legacy Hardware forum if anyone knows what is the fastest cpu I can put in a E but to no avail – if anyone on this thread knows please xpp me know – appreciate it.

SSD Capacity see all. The laptop has been set to original factory settings.

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It looks like the previous owner s took great care of this laptop. I was doing some googling and I ran into an old forum or I dunno what heck was it but there were posts dating back to This item is in fair used condition. If I read correctly, 256v like a DX8- or DX9-compatible software renderer that will somehow use some of the computing power of xo AV These do power up, other than that I have no idea if and how well they work.


Comes with charger for the laptop. Isn’t there a Statue of Limitations or something? Genuine IBM ac adapter, battery not included.

If you want to provide input as to how to do certain things and help others, you aren’t imb to be able to do it by calling people liars or snapping about staying on topic as in your original post Second, welcome to the forum!! Pentium 4 M 1.

NeoMagic Video Drivers Download

There is a workaround. Anyone else know differently?

Please educate me if I’ve misunderstood your proposition, because I’m likely not the only one who is confused by what you mean to achieve. I recently upgraded the hardware on this ThinkPad T No visible scratches or marks. Anyone who says other wise is lying or just hasn’t done enough research. As cards became more powerful the software rasterizer was phased out of directx. Clean 15″ T43 Flexview Thinkpad notebook U original untouched condition.

We will include a power cord as well. I wish someone would hack this driver if I had ASM skill I would have done that my self from another site: Hard drive is not detecting by BIOS. As for those that have said that it can’t be done, that doesn’t make them liars Rock and Roll ain’t noise pollution!


For parts or not working. Last edited by hey00 on Sun Jan 08, 2: This lap top is super old Not sure what happened or why it stopped working. I seriously wish you the best on that front, but I don’t think any 256ag video device driver writers hang out on this list.

Does anyone know what were these x; settings. I have since given up on DX 8a beta and gone back to DX 9. This thread is meant to help poeple running windows or XP. I have been looking on the web for a definitive answer on how to enable the AGP bus and direct3d acceleration but jbm not found the complete solution yet BUT what I have gathered so far is: Realistically what are you hoping to run on a pii based machine anyway.

One of the units does not include a hard drive and the other one does include an