In the process leading to 1. Consult your driver documentation to determine the name of this class. Sign up using Email and Password. If the database you wish to connect to requires a password, enter that information in the password field. After selecting the connection type, the next step is to enter the driver and database information.

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We avoided early releases in order to provide a well-balanced hsqldb odbc set. Since the release of 2. We introduced changes made by Ocke Janssen for OpenOffice. Database vendors provide JDBC drivers, usually free of charge, so that software developers can write code to connect to the specific hsqldb odbc vendor’s database without having to worry about vendor specific coding.

After selecting the hsqldb odbc type, the next step is to select the connection type. We released version 1. RazorSQL will prepopulate this field if the database have a known default port. The first and hsqldb odbc option you list don’t meet the freely available portion of my question, and the second project is dead, according to their sourceforge project page.

Code for both efforts can be downloaded from the SVN repository. Point releases have appeared on average twice a year. Features such as compiled prepared statements, cascading deletes and updates where introduced. Development continued hsqldb odbc the next 12 months nsqldb the next version, 1. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Some database vendors refer to database identifiers as service hsqldb odbc.

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Many old bugs inherited from Hsqldb odbc SQL were fixed in these versions. If the database is running on the local machine, this value would hzqldb localhost or After the release of version 1.

Hypersonic SQL was a small open-source hsqldb odbc database engine, first released with source in For information on how to get connected to a particular database, please see the following: In other cases, some databases may require the user to manually enter a commit after running each query to function properly. Consult your database documentation for more information on transactions, rollbacks, and commits.

If hsqldb odbc connection is not successful, hwqldb error hsqldb odbc received from the JDBC hsqpdb will be displayed.

Accessing a Java Database from Access

If the database server hsqldb odbc not listening on the default port, the prepopulated value will need to be osbc. If hsqldb odbc connection is successful, the profile will be created and stored so that connections can be made at later times, and a new query runner session will be established to the database.


Consult your driver documentation to determine the name of this class. The hsqldb odbc step to connecting to a database through RazorSQL is to bsqldb a connection profile.

ODBC Driver available

The auto commit field is used to determine whether RazorSQL should automatically send a commit to the database after each query obc executed. Hsqldb odbc up or log in Sign up using Google. This currently works hsqldb odbc direct statements and supports Windows and Linux.

If the driver requires multiple files, separate the complete file paths with semi-colons.

java – How can I access an HSQL DB from a .NET application? – Stack Overflow

The driver file is usually a. Please send an email to the Maintainer, Fred Toussi, fredt at users. You hsqldb odbc point us to the HSQLDB access code in your pre-release sources and hsqldb odbc will look and suggest any simple improvements that may be necessary. This launches the Connection Wizard process. Sign up using Facebook.