These steps must complete without errors in the end. Find all of the instruments on the bus. August 14, at Browse Main page Recent changes Random page Help. If you have one of those, be sure to check out Agilent-version of this article. When it writes a command to the GPIB bus it automatically listens to the bus with the address given before after the write command and sends what it gets to the USB connection.

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Ni usb gpib issue – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

This shows you if the controller is in auto mode or not. After this operation, Everything working well now: You can change the GPIB address of your instrument only at the instrument itself, hpib over the bus. Redistribution of article must retain the linkx copyright notice, this list of conditions, link to this page and the following disclaimer. You can always resort to compiling linux-gpib youself. On the bus only one device at a time can communicate with the controller because all devices are in parallel.

I have two devices, so I’ve configured them like this in gpib. Finding all instruments on the bus I am having problem on using a ni usb gpib.


And it can be done with two basic bash commands: You can reload the protocol in the iocsh via “streamReload”, either for one or for all records. One of our readers also mentioned possibility of using LXI -compatible instruments with Raspberry Pi. This page was last edited on 16 Octoberat If you have one of those, be sure to check out Agilent-version of this article.

John Militer 2 9 In my lab I have some test and measuring equipment like an arbitrary function generator, a desktop multimeter and a DC power source. If for example you have a Linnux 45 multimeter that has its GPIB address set to 12 then type in the second terminal window:.

The way I had been interpreting it was that the addr command was changing the actual GPIB address of the device, and not where the controller was attempting to communicate.

If you need to setup system from scratch on blank SD card, suggest to reference that article first. Invalid argument ok during the make phase: Used gcc version can be changed by running update-alternatives –config gcc bc package also required, it can gib installed by apt-get install bc.

Enter home directory and run next: Test is simple sending IDN? On other distributions, check for the availability of linux-gpib packages. What can I do to get my usb to gpib to work?


Keithley DMM displaying python code result. Forum thread on EEVB log. January 29, at This is my error message when i try to link: I’m not able to program linjx python but I was using and example provided by NI: I greatly appreciate the help!

Package linux-gpib in vddvss/linux-gpib

Communication between your computer and the Prologix adapter ist up and running! With the exemplary debugging information provided by StreamDevice at hand, it is a joy to incrementally fix the “in” clauses in yourdev.

You should find out the name of your device the way I described in the post: This resets the Fluke 45 sets it to resistance measuring range up to Ohms and measures and displays the resistance once. Any Idea why this is the case?