Sterne12 Replied on August 23, The T14 contains a maH battery that ranges below the 5 hour Ultra requirement. The first network drive that was already mounted. They show that this operation is being performed on the first devices request queue. Though it does not actually answer the question of how to identify the device request queue.

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In reply to Claude Cloutier’s post on August 29, The driver is now about to begin scanning the hard drive for existing partitions. Therefore, all requests were piled on the to the request queue for disk 1.

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Our answer was found in device identification where a model number was contained within the hardware ID of the caching SSD. The start time of eight second 8 sec was not. In the log output that follows, the second device, hdb has just been connected, right after hda was nads and hda1 was mounted to the system. Here is the code section: There is a bug that if I enable two or more hard disks on the computer, only the first one gets the partitions looked over and identified.


Could genfisk be done? I’ll see it in a few days.

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I have contacted MS multiple times and have received no response. Here is a log output. I have added some comments to help understand what is happening and where genndisk bad call seems to come up.

So I think I found the place where the driver is messing up. The Sony T14 form factor reminds us of our misconception that ultrabooks should be very small and light. That is defined else where to return the gendisk device.

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I’m connected to the same switch as the NDAS. You gebdisk follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. Unless they issue a new driver, i am afraid to try on Windows This is the identification for the network case in which the hd is connected to the network.

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On a manufacturer warning message, its said that the driver is unstable on Wireless 10 Mpbs link, but I’m on Wireless B mode at arround 72 mpbs. Same problem with my NDAS drive.

This returned the disk, but not the proper value for various operations later on. Did the startech ethernet cable adapter solve the problem?

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On a side note, however, we might have chosen a 6 Gbps SSD rather than the XM13 3Gbps drive and we also would have switched data connections. Then the system crash. Now below we gendosk entered the function that is pasted above. So back to my original question. But when I go ahead and mount hdb1 it also comes up nndas the same blkid and in fact, the driver is reading it from hda, not hdb.

I hope to solve definitively the problem with that strategy.

It is also 0. If I unplug the Ethernet cable to switch to Wireless it crash and I have to do the restauration all over again. So as the extra block devices were loaded, this function basically kept returning 1.

How do I find all files containing specific text on Linux?