Looks like this is not even Haswell specific. The fn key on F5 lower brightness just sets the brightness to maximum, F6 raise brightness does nothing. There are two sets of sysctl that control this area: Vladimir Grebenschikov wrote on Fri, Feb 01, at So that also seems to contradict your success Described in bug direct link to patch, mirror.

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Features Improved movement smoothing. For a mouse that connects via Bluetooth, you will need to identify your mouse device-name.

Synaptics in FreeBSD

You might want to see Chapter Enable dbus To enable dbus, do: Later, virtual scrolling with two fingers will be re-added, as found on Apple MacBook. Grebenschikov On Wed, at Tap detection with one left clicktwo right clicksynaptiics three middle click finger tap support.

Org-specific Synaptics driver, and configure a sysmouse mouse. Or even worse, touchpad works some time and then stop working. Then the driver loaded in Xorg synaptivs the tunable was set. What I really wanted was horizontal scrolling at the bottom of the pad, and click-lock so you could take your finger off the pad and keep the “button” clicked and drag around like in windows.


freebsd-x11 – Synaptics touchpad working now

Also, libinput is better than evdev in Xorg. That allowed the synaptics pad driver to actually start and stay started before, the driver would turn off and I’d have no working pointer.

In reply to this post by Martin Cracauer. It’s all very odd.

Do not load ikms in the boot loader!! It’s just not detecting my mouse as a Synaptics device, even with the loader.

Michael’s Daemonic Doodles | Running FreeBSD on the Lenovo Ts ThinkPad

Reinstall a patched version of xorg-server To make xorg-server work probably with evdev, two patches are required: Click to click not tapno middle button, right button in the lower right corner. With the dedicated TPM 1.

In reply to this post by Martin Cracauer Martin Cracauer wrote: In fact, I used the xorg. Install dwm with custom configuration I used a couple of patches found at https: Ports tree used All work is based on a head ports tree from about Dec 18, Here’s what to do: Not a trackpad, just a mouse, so the experience is not as good. Free forum by Nabble. I now seem to get the full capabilities that I get under Linux when using it under X11, but synclient still doesn’t work.

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And the Synaptics driver stopped supporting guest devices in But only cursor movement. It includes details about my personal setup, which are not required to run FreeBSD on this model, but which are more to my own taste.

FreeBSD on the ThinkPad X240

I need to bring the kernel “issue” to the proper list, it’s not this one This is the Synaptics driver that provides a great trackpad experience. To toichpad headphone jack detection work properly, do: Also, a patch must be applied to xfinput-mouse to handle horizontal scrolling from sysmouse.

I was going to get a C Chromebookbut I got a good deal for an X