The total shipping fee will be the sum of individual shipping fees. This is hardly evident with the low track and HF horn mixed together, but obvious when the HF horn recording is listened to alone as it is in these recordings. Please review all attached photos near the bottom of the page; and be sure to ask any questions. What are benefits of adding HF driver 7khz up? But I do hear it even with AAC at the lower to mid bit rates.

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Advances in materials and design has led to higher power handling which may correspond to additional available output and lower distortion. We are here for you if you need us!

Winning bidder is responsible for shipping charges.

I don’t want to say they use the same diaphragms, as that has bit me in the butt before, but they have the same VC, and to my knowledge the membrane is the same. Payment is due 3 days after auctions end.

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Speaker Drivers & Horns – Ev Dh1a

compressionn We offer shipping discount on multiple items. HP horn, dB. There are some noticeable damage on the units-notably the fiberglass exposure and fading paint, dents, scratches, and partially torn rubber-but these are cosmetic in nature. This tweeter has the horn the smaller one attached to it. I do my best to provide excellent customer service, if you have any other questions, please ask.

CA Local Pickup is also Welcome! Art Welter Senior May 17, Lot of thought here, and more so as the thread expands. Art Welter Senior May 9, This does compresdion a bit more than normal.

High Frequency Compression Driver Evaluation

HP horn, Throat diameter: We stand behind every product we sell. Products purchased from my auctions can not be returned.

Michael Smithers Junior May 16, Two larger horns with ev reproducer’s. The Jensen Hypex PA30 driver, lacking a phase plug, but having an acoustic high pass filter, had less upper harmonic distortion. If you have any questions pertaining to our terms. I recall first coming to this realization years ago when making some DSP presets for some DIY biamped cabs and discovering that the HF driver with the lowest distortion level didn’t actually end up being the driver I liked best in the cab once it was put into the context of a full range cab.


This diaphragm fits the speaker models in the listing title and the following other models: DH1-A Electro-Voice in excellent working condition.

High Frequency Compression Driver Evaluation | Sound Forums

Art Welter Senior May 16, Mounting hardware is included. See photos for details. For such a seemingly simple PA public address driver, it handled music surprisingly well. Thanks so much for stopping by. If you buy from the iTunes store, you’re ccompression with k AAC which is adequate for a lot of stuff but not always.

Or Pick it up in Columbus, Ohio.

Please see the photo showing the scratches on the cover assembly. Art Welter Senior May 18, Rob Timmerman Graduate May 18,