No witty lyrics like Clutch. Does Dez own the label you’re on? Kevin Bond , who came on to the last AP tour, learned our songs in two days, and provided a much needed breath of fresh air. Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. So basically we’ve always hung out whenever he comes into town, you know? Laughs The obviousness of how ridiculous that statement is You have to be able to cut the string, mamma cannot come with you!

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Were any of the songs on the album older ones that have been around for awhile?

Did you come up with the concept? Dave’s vocal is more gruff than Crowbar’s Kirk Windstein’s, but with less vocal range and sense of melody than Kirk.

JamesIIIMarch 15th, Heavy, but not as heavy as Down or Corrosion of Conformity. Have you been playing with a pyledriveg of diverse bands? Yeah, there’s a million of them, and they all involve things that I’m not allowed to talk about! Or do you all have jobs outside of the band also? We’re all guys who have been entrenched in the scene for the last ten or fifteen years.


Artimus Pyledriver – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

You can also send an e-mail to blabbermouthinbox gmail. You know what, man? As long as you’re enjoying the music, you could go without paying too much attention to the lyrics.

Artimus Pyledriver is an unfortunate band. ChainedownJuly 19th, Not even gonna get into why, but the absurdity of it all would make for an interesting read. The record is produced and mixed fairly well, so that each instrument is heard clearly, while eave sludgy tone.

It lacks most of the charms Alabama Thunderpussy had, which includes more memorable songwriting and convincing performance. This guy has an interesting voice.

For all the Southerners, for those who love southern hard rock – this album is for you. We discussed; the new album, inspiration, misconceptions, plans for future domination, and more Ain’t a damn thing wrong with that. No, we haven’t, and I don’t know when we are.

How would you describe your band members personalities? I mean, we beat it to death, you know? No, actually he’s been a friend of mine for probably pylrdriver ten years. Well, we played with a bunch of hardcore bands when we toured with Devildriver.

Blabbermouth.net –

So why do I care to review a record by this band? The concept of merging the ‘s Southern rock heyday with the adtimus variant of doom as pioneered by Black Sabbath and later Saint Vitus and Trouble isn’t an entirely new one.


What are your plans for the months ahead? It all depends on what the crowd is like, man. It’s because their debut was tasteful and good, and I think AP genuinely deserves slocu, attention and recognition. The bulk of these memorable tracks are of the mid-tempo stomping variety, led by Dave Slocum ‘s smoke-damaged artkmus a southern Brian Johnson vocals and the hot licks of Damon Goldsmith and Jimmy Hall.

At times, their approach was off-putting, but sometimes they also hit some good marks in between the celebratory attitude of Dixie and stubborn defiance. There’s no davr solos like Alabama Thunderpussy. Yeah, I built a 68 Dodge that was bad ass and wrote a song about it. NET reserves the right to “hide” comments that may be considered offensive, illegal or inappropriate and to “ban” users that violate the site’s Terms Of Service.