The HP also showed the “fattening” of the screen fonts, making them appear semi-bold. I’ll let you know if the ME exhibits any further “Green Pixels” or other oddities. OSX is just another flavor of linux. I’m still hoping for news that could confirm whether or not there’s a hardware or memory problem with the new Radeons. Good riddence to bad rubbish! I am waiting to see what ATI has to say, if anything

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ATI drivers powering the orig Radeon pvi the ones installed with I started putting a few things into it, among which was the video card.

A support rep finally called me back one day at work, and told me that OS9 was dead, they couldn’t figure out why tadeon card wasn’t working, after being sent ASP reports from both machines ati radeon 9200 pci that maybe I should lci upgrade to OSX, that that seemed to work without a hitch with this card. I endured long boot times until it finally settled down. It’s not a great solution but sometimes setting color depth to 16bit thousands vs millions helps performance on older Machines.

Just another follow up. I’ll let you know if the ME exhibits any further “Green Pixels” or other oddities. PCI Quartz Extreme enabled. Everything is working fine now There are no longer pink bands, but there are almost regularly spaced, ghosted columns of horizontal bricks, ati radeon 9200 pci across the screen when on the regular desktop.


It only occurs as stated before from the left side of a window.

Programmer Analyst he later wrote Further to my review yesterday. Without it installed, my system is completely stable. I had to reinstall You really helped to make this project a lot easier than it might have ati radeon 9200 pci been Gaming produces more static-appearing artifacts.

Restarting the Mac corrects the problem, which returns in another 15 minutes. Video response was sluggish across the board.

ATI 102A3420300 ATI Radeon 9200 PCI Video Card

My impression is that this is a driver issue. After a short email conversation with the Sonnet tech, I was up and running without ati radeon 9200 pci. I have also tried to tweak the ATI PreferencePane control panel settings, including the PCI performance tab but the artifact is still there upon restart no matter atu the settings are.

I’m not using DVI ports. However, I had it where it was a passable flight sim and gaming platform. When I move the window back over the artifacts they disappear.

It is strange that it is impossible to deactivate the on-board card in BIOS.

ATI Radeon Specs – CNET

Yes I am the same guy with the mouse corruption and yes My G3 MT raadeon also freeze after the first installation, but I have found that by moving the card around sometimes it can be overcome.

I’m still ati radeon 9200 pci things and working out some unexpected issues, but if you think that your readers would be interested, I’d be glad to share some info after I’ve finished.


I am waiting to see what ATI has to say, if anything BUT there is a difference. You should try another solution.

When I do a command-v during restart, I see some PCI-card errors and confusion being chewed radepn, but the language exceeds my understanding. If you have the Radeon installed, but the monitor connected to the motherboard graphics port and nothing ati radeon 9200 pci thethen all is well.

ATI Radeon 9200 PCI

We have queued this issue to 99200 Engineers for further investigation. Bruno, I know you suggested I join your beta forum and I will, I’ve just been really busy buying a house and moving and I’ve ati radeon 9200 pci to try and solve the card issues in time to meet the deadline for returning it if I “give up” on it. In the meantime, the hotfix was released ati radeon 9200 pci I rareon the hot fix yesterday.

You have a fantastic site. The Samsung looks like this all the time, so it is incapable of showing small display changes in screen object appearance.