Quick access to system memory for better performance. Make a choice you can feel good about. Quad core processor, Phenom II brand, clocked to high 3. Helps users get more efficient performance by dynamically activating or turning off parts of the processor. This graph makes me question the entire benchmarking suite from AIDA.

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For games and 3D performance, it looks like the i5 can compete, even with less real cores. Above is my attempt at a maximum overclock.

AMD Phenom II X4 840 CPU Review

X4,X2Additional Information: Click here to reply to the discussion. AMD unleashes visual clarity and responsiveness for what you want to do.

This result is quite surprising considering the CPU score showed amd phenom ii x4 840 exact opposite result, with the X4 coming out on top.

Results here should mirror the SuperPi 1M results above. Each PIB is bar-coded for scanning and data tracking Tamper-resistant packaging to help ensure processor authenticity Available Models: Get HD content online, offline, wherever you want it, however you want it.

Notify me of amd phenom ii x4 840 posts by email. The i5 k was able to calculate 1 million digits of in half the time that it took the X4 Shortened access times to the highly accessed data for better performance. Helps virtualization software to run more securely and efficiently amd phenom ii x4 840 a better experience when dealing with virtual lhenom AMD PowerNow!


This benchmark performs different common tasks used during digital photo processing…This benchmark stresses the integer arithmetic and multiplication execution units of the CPU and also the memory subsystem. However, I did run into an issue with the motherboard: This integer benchmark measures combined CPU and memory subsystem performance through the public Pbenom compression library.

Separate power planes for cores amd phenom ii x4 840 memory controller, for optimum power consumption and performance, creating more opportunities for power savings within the cores and memory controller. Either way, what we have here is a budget quad core processor, based on Propus core used in Athlon II X4 and X3 series, and clocked to 3.

The only possible explanation that comes to mind is the PCIe link. Honestly, I do not even know what to say here. For half the price, users do actually get half the performance in this example. This graph makes me question the entire benchmarking suite from AIDA. It all looks great at first glance, but AMD made almost a sneaky move and pushed the cheaper and slower Propus core to Phenom II branding with constant bumping of clock speeds.

Not a big surprise since it’s using Propus core, amd phenom ii x4 840 it comes as a surprise that AMD decided to take this step, and confuse its buyers even more.

The processor’s frequency multiplier is locked to x16, and only adjustable downwards, so the only way to overclock is via raising the HTT bus. This is likely where the lack of L3 cache on the X4 comes into play. The new model comes with quite high clock frequencies and very low price amd phenom ii x4 840.

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AMD Phenom II X4 GHz Review | TechPowerUp

Model Number Comparison ContentMain5. Finally, some conclusive results!

AIDA64 has replaced Everest: Low enough to raise your eyebrows in disbelief. It looks like the lack of L3 cache might play a role here as well as the X4 overclocked to 3.

The more interesting question is how the X4 compares low-end i5 CPUs with two cores but four virtual threads and amd phenom ii x4 840 rest of the Phenom lineup with L3 cache.

Once again, there i5 k barely puts up a fight against the X4 in this multi-threaded file compression benchmark. It is pretty clear the X4 will out-duel similarly priced Intel offerings, like the i For example, the memory controller can turn amd phenom ii x4 840 the write logic when reading from x44, helping reduce system power. It is clear though that single-threaded applications see a huge performance gain from the i5 k vs.