But, it’s eminently satisfying and always forgivingly musical. The Carissa is excitable and exciting though always in control, emotionally charged and expressively satisfying, subjectively the more powerful and driven of the two. Of course these CDs are also well served by the Carissa’s aforementioned bass prowess, so much so that I’ve enjoyed listening to this amplifier with hard-driving Rock more than any amplifier I’ve ever had here, my Herron Ms excepted – possibly. She may not be the most neutral amplifier in the Art Audio line but seems so deliberately voiced and articulated that I have to think that she was not intended to be. Like its namesake — one of the southern Cycladic islands of Greece — it is a ray of sunshine in audioland, offering top performance and fair value. There’s that bass authority and power I was talking about earlier.

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These tubes are packaged in boxed sets of sounf matched pair. Depending on the music being played, the scales could tip either 845vl for me. The slight up-tilt in the Carissa’s upper mids causes differentiation from the Stereo 88 in several ways.

Does the body tense up or relax? That 845gl sound reversal was deliberate. This wasn’t so much because the 845gl sound image density was much higher but because leading edges became 845gl sound more enveloped rather than remain spiky.

This deviation from linearity is minor in amplitude and no greater than found with highly regarded amplifiers of varying persuasions.

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On this 845gl sound, I apparently couldn’t get enough. Email me when the item is back in stock. Comprehensive product platforms enable us to provide unique solutions across the audio ecosystem, ranging from low-cost to premium high end audio applications.

Being all relative values 845gl sound like spokes around the theoretical neutral hub, these aspects gain in prominence the farther they 845gl sound away from center.

In my book, he’s one of the best there 845go was. The bluesy riffs from the acoustic guitar hung in the air like cigarette smoke in a bar. First the midrange was more natural with voices, it sounded more human than I’ve heard from this or any other headphone before.

It’s not even close. If it doesn’t, the discussion is over before it started.

The Viva Egoista 845, where extreme high-end audio meets Italian style

The AB’s out-of-head imaging is always a treat, but it’s even more so with the Egoista. Those who favor the beam triode will instantly find much to love. Features of Qualcomm Broadcast Audio Include: 845gl sound it does, I can easily forgive other flaws. In with the Ref3s then. It’s easy to get trapped in generalities as they relate to tube type. Through 845gl sound midrange, the Art Audio Carissa has all the 845gl sound and intimacy aficionados will expect of just about any SET amplifier, in this price range and beyond.

Before listening further to the Definitions and getting caught up in prematurely type-casting the DeHavilland amp, I needed to switch to the Gallos as the kind of load this beast was really designed for.


The Ios manhandled the Gallos without a glimmer of stress or sweat. In 845gl sound room, sounx music just comes alive.

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I think 845gl sound the Egoista as the Superfast of headphone amps, they both exist for moneyed folks who crave the very best, practicality be damned.

Mind you, there’s plenty of treble energy. It’s good to be rich.

At the conclusion of the Audiopax 845gl sound 88 review, I promised to compare the two amps in today’s evaluation. Compared to my op-amp based AudioSector Patek SEs, 845gl sound density of images and compaction of musical molecules was more similar than not though the Ios went farther yet. The amp lacks digital connectivity, analog connectivity runs to four pairs of stereo RCA inputs and one direct input that bypasses the Egoista’s preamp stages.

Direct Sound | Isolation headphones

In the overall landscape of tubes, the Sapphires would be considered slightly lean yet very fast and supremely detailed. If the CD 845gl sound gentle shadings, that’s what the Carissa delivers.

This is one seriously charismatic amplifier, with all the fine attributes that tubes have to offer. And did I mention the obvious yet?